Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!

I doubt I will sleep a wink tonight.

Our appointment is not until 1:00pm tomorrow.

You know the day will creep by.

And I can not wait... I am overwhelmed with excitement!

I **still** can not decide if this is a boy or a girl.

But in hours... literally hours, we will know!!

Holy guacamole.

(speaking of, I could sure use a bowl right now!  ;)

Yesterday, I told Lance this baby was 100% female.

Today I am certain it is a brother.

Lance holds firm.

"Its a boy."

On the days I agree with him, it is for these reasons:
  • This pregnancy, like Maddox's, has been easy.  Super easy.
  • I still do not have a significant bump.  Actually, I look rather un-pregnant, for the most part.  Occasionally I get my feelings hurt when people point this out a lot, but I looked back at old pics and I looked the same with Maddox at this point.
  • I'm constipated again.  (but not near to the degree I was with Maddox)
  • Over-all I am happy and blissful, just like Maddox's pregnancy.
On the days I disagree, it is for these reasons that differed from my pregnancy with Maddox:
  • I had nausea my first trimester. (something I never experienced with Maddox)
  • My hair is flat, straight, and life-less.  With Maddox, it grew-- and was somewhat thick. (for me)
  • I rarely cry this pregnancy, but I get pissed-off a lot.
  • I. can. not. stop. eating. (with Maddox, Lance had to make me eat sometimes, I didn't have this appetite until I started nursing)
  • My belly is furry.  I've never had much hair anywhere.
  • I don't worry and stress about every single thing, or come in with lists of questions for Dr Deem.  My mind is rather calm this go-around.
I think there are definite pros to both sides:
  • BOY:
    • I still have all of Maddox's clothes, pjs, boy toys, etc.
    • If this is a boy, I know Lance will not try and tell me are done having babies.
    • All of my friends who have one of each, say that boys have a special bond with their mommas.  And since I have nothing to measure against, at this point- I agree.  Boys love their mommas!
    • Boys are cheaper.
    • You get the better end of the deal when it comes time for their wedding.
    • You don't have to worry about a boy getting pregnant.
    • Their teenage years, are typically easier.
  • GIRL:
    • Rhinestones, glitter, toile, and BOWS.
    • A shopping and mani/pedi partner for life.
    • It would make us a completely equal, and possibly complete, family.
    • Girls tend to be daddy's girls.  And I yearn for Lance to have that.
    • Shopping for girl stuff is just more fun.
    • I want to be able to see my daughter become a mother one day.  When she is old. :)
    • Though girls usually make their mother's life difficult the first, um, 20 years-- they (or at least me and my mom) become best friends from there on.
Though the sex of the baby will be the most interesting topic of the day, as a nurse-- I also know that this sono is also the one where we look at the heart, brain, belly, etc... and most likely the visit where any issues are found, if they are there.

I feel like this baby is completely perfect and healthy, just like its sweet big brother was-- but prayers are always appreciated.

Lets also hope that all of this:

Doesn't cause me to get my hand slapped!
This may be the visit where I gain 8 pounds.
(I had 2 of those visits during Maddox's pregnancy.)

So tomorrow is the big day

That's really all that I had to say.

This time tomorrow we will know what we're having.

Wooo Hooo!!

Off to bed I go!

Here's a couple of picture of my baby boy-- just because I love him:

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving your kind comment!
      I love your header picture. Wow...what a gorgeous photo of you and your hubby!
      Congrats on your pregnancy!
      I agree boys love their mommy!
      Your son is a cutie! Looks like your kids will so very close in age!