Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

My sister-in-law, Jenn, kept Maddox for us when we went to the wedding this Friday night.
It was a bumpy time getting Maddox to Gardner. 
Maddox had been asleep maybe 5 minutes when it was time to move him to G's truck, in a 30 degree tsunami and he went nuts (to say the least)!!  I felt so bad leaving him that way.  (mostly for Gardner's sake...) I knew Maddox would be on cloud 9 when he got to his cousins-- but G had to ride in misery for another 15 miles!!
He said he just turned up the radio and he finally calmed and then crashed again.
But only for a few minutes and they were home.
And the fit started again.
I hate that he was so difficult for him, but I am grateful that he was so patient too.
I guess being the daddy of 2 other kiddos helped!!

I was so thankful that Jenn was able to keep him because I am still pretty paranoid about leaving him places.  (hence the fact that he has only stayed over night from me a handful of times.-- and only with my mom or Aunt Jenn)  So I didn't have to worry about him all night... I knew he was in good hands!

Saturday was Dane's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in Denton.
I came straight from Dallas to meet them there.
It made me laugh when Jenn told me that Maddox yelled "Chuck E Cheese!!" as they pulled into the parking lot, because this was only his 2nd time to visit.  (and the first he was a tiny baby-- he stayed in an infant seat the entire time!)
Apparently, they have great advertising!

I told Jenn, I do not think I would ever take Maddox just for recreation... He's 2.  It is chaotic.  And flu waiting to happen!!
Maybe that makes me an un-cool mom... or maybe it just makes my child a healthy boy... But it was a nice treat for my boody bear-- and a perfect party for Dane-Dane and his friends!

I was so tired from the wedding and my legs felt like they had been through a meat grinder, so I hated walking around chasing him....  but I think he was a good boy, over all. 
Honestly, I would have let him be a little more independent, but I felt pressure from another mom to umbrella him more than I was... so I did my best!
I love the security system that they have in place now, where you have to have a matching stamp to your child before you can get out the door.

Dane's party was a success, he kept a grin on from ear to ear-- and Jenn had no clean up!! 
The kids had a great time,
 and I think Dane got some nice stuff.
All in all, I'd say it was a win!
Maybe we will go back for Maddox's 6th birthday!!  ;)

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