Sunday, November 14, 2010

Williams wedding

Friday night we went to some of our favorite people's wedding in Downtown Dallas.
We checked in at the Magnolia to get ready and the boys went and had a drink.
We had to be 4 blocks at 7:00pm and at 6:59, we were still waiting on the bus.
The bus that we realized wasn't coming.
So, hectically, we and everyone else staying at the Magnolia (at least 30 others) started scattering trying to get to the Old Red Museum.
We got 1/2 a block and I decided I was taking a taxi... it was totally worth my $20.  Promise.
We had an AMAZING time.
Stephanie was a gorgeous bride!!
For food, they had a meat carving station, a potato station, a salad station, and a pasta station.  It was all wonderful.  ...Good enough to eat seconds actually ;) --Actually I prefer to call it feeding me... and then feeding my baby.
Lisa (remember the cake lady) made her cake... and it was yummmmmo.... and beautiful!
And drinks... they had plenty of that too.
I just brought my tiny (and crappy) point-and-shoot camera-- but I took a few pics from the night!

Now on to the dancing....
This is where my night went wrong.
Way wrong.
Remember I was sober.
And I am 5 months pregnant.
However, I didn't let that stop me from cutting a rug.
And I'm not talking about the 'Feet don't Touch the Ground' and 'Empty Glass' gig, the 2 slow songs me and my husband danced too...
I'm talking about me and this guy:
And all of this:

Here are a few videos:

However, I am still paying the price for all of that jamming.
My leg cramps are unreal.
Why couldn't I just bob and sway to the music...
Did I really need to bump and grind this pregnant body?!
I mean seriously?
I had to take Tylenol PM just to be able to sleep through the pain last night.
It was nuts!
But fun!
We had such a great time... and didn't roll back into our room until 3:00am!
I was back up before 8:00, soaking in a hot tub of water.  :(

Things got a little out of hand of course...
Eric got cut off at the bar.
Drunk girl fell down a few times, but made my night in entertainment.
Lance rapped some Vanilla ice.
And somehow talked a grown man to take his shirt off in the photo booth.
And him and Zack took pictures with a bus boy who didn't speak a lick of English.
Kaleb posed as a bar tender.
We licked the ice sculpture.
And laughed until we cried.

We rarely, if ever, have nights like this... but we had such a great time.

I wish I could find the cord to my printer so I could scan in our photo booth pics...
Some of them were actually really good.
I thought it was an awesome idea!
(If I find the cord, I'll scan them in.)

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  1. your so good at blogging,and these are some great shots.