Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 1

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

I am Holly Erwin.  I am 26 years old and a pediatric nurse.

I enjoy:  Shopping, sleeping, spending time with my family... my husband... MADDOX... taking pictures... belly laughs... happy memories... vacations... Christmas... date nights... being creative... singing loud & horribly... editing pics... Each of Maddox's milestones... my clean house splashed with pine-sol... good music... at Gruene Hall... great friends... rainy days... pedicures... expensive jeans... hearing "I love you mommy"... Fall... complimenting strangers... having my hair tucked behind my ear... blogging... bargains... old stories... my mom... special glances... sappy movies... good dreams... Mexican food... soup... avocados... diamonds... snow... cooking... kisses to my forehead... and neck ;)... iced coffee... getting flowers... days at the lake... Yankee candles... vacuum lines on carpet... cheap, fun, junk jewelry... heartfelt cries... Maddox's laugh... good make-up... cute shoes that hurt my feet... inside jokes... Reef flip flops... my Mamaw... a good sermon on Sunday... surprises... high thread count sheets... dancing in the kitchen... dresses... sweet tea... going to breakfast... being a wife... being pregnant... BEING A MOMMY... living simple ...happy ...and feeling special.  (just as my side bar notes!)
But for a little more:

I have a best friend named Lance, who I am about to celebrate my 4th year of marriage with next week.
We met nine years ago and became an official couple February 21, 2002.  We became an engaged couple February 21, 2004 and were married December 2, 2006. We are always goofy and funny, but truly-connected best friends.

Together, we have an amazing little boy named Maddox.  He is such a special little soul who consumes our world.  He is extremely smart, caring, compassionate and sweet.  He loves to hug and kiss and has no problem expressing his emotions.  He is also full of energy, hard headed and often stubborn, but determined.  He is obviously very special to me not only because he is my precious baby boy, but also because he is what made my biggest wish in life to come true-- He made me a mommy!

We are now 19 weeks pregnant with our second bundle of joy.   We found out last week that it too, will be a little boy.  This pregnancy is flying by and it feels like it will be no time before we can see his tiny little face.  We are still undecided on names, but have narrowed it down to just a few.  We often find ourselves dreaming about what he will look like-- and can not wait to see if we are right!

I have a large and interesting family.  I have an amazing relationship with my mom and was blessed to be able to move near her recently.  It is just a temporary move, as we have our house rented out, but we sure our enjoying our time in the country.   It has been such a blessing to have my step-dad near as Lance works crazy hours!

I love my siblings to my core, and my nieces and nephews too. 

I have a great group of friends who I love dearly.  God has blessed me beyond measure in this department.  They are all very different, but all beautiful inside and out and some of the greatest moms I know.

That is me in a nutshell.
I do not have all that I want in life, but I am blessed and content with what I have.  

Recent picture:
P.S.  I had to crop myself out of a pic because I am always the one taking pics-- I'm never in any alone!!
15 interesting facts:
  1. I love sweet tea.  But I try to drink decaf these days.
  2. I am a Facebook and Blogger addict.
  3. I rarely ever check the voicemail on my phone.  Once there are 8 or so in there, I delete them all at once.
  4. I stopped eating ground beef about 8 or 9 years ago, but during this pregnancy I have eaten in twice.  One of the times was meat loaf!!
  5. I can eat avocado everyday.  And peanut brittle.
  6. I hate anything that jumps or flies... anything that I can not predict its next move.
  7. I want to learn how to use the sewing machine my grandma bought for me 5 Christmases ago.  It has never been taken out of the box.
  8. I want to go back to school.
  9. My husband could literally tell you 100 things he would love to have for Christmas and I could tell you maybe 3.  Maybe it is because I go get something when I want it bad enough and he talks about it for a year.  Funny thing-- is that is what I did when we first started dating and it drove him crazy!
  10. I bought a smaller car and 2 weeks later found out I was pregnant.  (I also completed a 360 on a knee board the day before I found out I was pregnant)
  11. I love good makeup. and expensive jeans.  I can buy everything else at Target!
  12. I constantly play out crazy scenarios in my head and think of how I would handle them.  This may mean I am crazy-- or it may just mean I am prepared.
  13. I love my job.  I think I am pretty good at it.
  14. If I could afford a million kids, I would fill my house to the brim.
  15. I want fake boobies for my 35th birthday.  (Nursing 80 kids will do a number to your tatas!)


  1. love your list of likes at the beginning....I may steal some of your ideas..I have a feeling between you, Kristen and I our 30 day challenge will start to sound a like....we have so much in common! I too want fake boobies....but I see mine a lot sooner than 35 - more like 28!

  2. ok- now it's my turn to start! haha I've got it started but haven't finished it. Now the girls are asleep and I've got my little chores to do... but once I'm done- I'm posting Day 1 tonight!

  3. So I take it this is the challenge.. I'm in :)