Friday, May 25, 2012

this week

We all caught a cold in Florida and still have full ears and wet coughs.
I sound like I traded voice boxes with a man...
the boys each had a day of fever...
and Lance is going to go to an Urgent Care center tonight, because he has had all that he can take of his ear pain.

I spent Monday doing laundry and attempting to clean the house that was destroyed while unpacking and reuniting with toys that hadn't been seen in 7 days.

Tuesday was most likely a repeat of Monday, since I can't remember a single thing from the day, except that Maddox stayed the night at Gigi and Pops that evening and got to go see Ellie's play.

Wednesday was a great day.
It was my little niece, Ellie's kindergarten graduation.

They sang songs and received their diplomas...
Maddox (rather loudly) pointed to each kid, and told me about their part in the play the night before!
After the ceremony, Randi and I took our kids out to mom's and let them play.
In the little pool...
The slide...
On the Gator...
And even in Pop and Gigi's closet, where they transformed themselves into super-heroes.

Mom made homemade salsa and a Mexican feast.

I got to spend the day with my SIL, Randi and got to see my other SIL, Jenn, too.
I really lucked out in the SIL department, because God placed some pretty awesome women in my life, who are funny, sweet-- and love my kids too.
I love them both.

Thursday, another really special chick in my life, came to play.

Candace and I spent the entire day at one of the pools in my neighborhood.
We packed lunches and had almost the entire place to ourselves, most of the day.

My kids stayed lathered in SPF 50...
but-- I am a lobster today.

Back to cleaning...
and blogging...
and laundry.

I work tomorrow morning.... (on Memorial day weekend?!!  --and I even make the weekend schedule!!) but I always enjoy my time there, and doubt it will be too bad.

Otherwise, I have no idea what we are doing over the holiday--
but I hope it is something fun!

or boring...

either will be fine!


  1. Sweet pictures. Your pool pictures look like so much fun. I always use tons of sunscreen, but I'm peeling from last weekend because I sprayed while I had my cover up on, and my shoulders burned bad. I'm crazy about using it on Boyd though, for sure. Congratulations to your adorable niece. She is a doll! You look gorgeous in that black dress, and you are such a sweet mama. I just love that picture with you and your boys!


  2. Yay for Summer...finally! I worked Memorial Day too. Hospitals never close, right? Love your pics and what they mean for all of us. Summer!