Thursday, May 31, 2012

a few things worth noting.

There have been a few new things going on in the Erwin house worth talking about...or maybe not... but I am going to anyways!

My phone broke.
It is stupid how crazy-reliable I am to that little piece of technology.
The phone itself would work but the screen was completely black.
I would have to ask Siri to call people for me and read me texts.
I used her to text people back, and now that my phone is working again-- I realize that her and I don't communicate as well as we could!
Lance's HS friend, Summer, had text me and I was so embarrassed as to what I replied back to her! (the word penis was used... and I didn't say that, I promise!)

I made an appointment to the Apple store and Peter (my Apple friend) was able to fix it in a flash!
In the past, I had thought that we couldn't go through Apple for our problems because our phones are still through a government account with the fire department, (and because Lance told me that) so I was thrilled that I didn't have to buy a new phone-- like I had in the past.  (I am kind of hard on my phones)
And FYI, all Apple products come with a one year warranty.  Who knew?!

Lance and I rocked out to some old-school music on the way in, and afterward, we had dinner at Chuys on the patio (with a couple frozen drinks) and dessert at Sweet Sammies.

I really enjoyed our night.

Speaking of phones, I am an official addict of Instagram.
It has always been a favorite app of mine, but until recently, I had just used the app as a photo editing tool.
I never knew that you followed friends, and liked and commented pictures, like Facebook.
This app is so addicting, because it is like a walking blog of your friends... although, I kind of feel weird re-blogging what you have already seen through Instagram.
But I do anyways.
You can follow me at livingtheerwinlife, if you want-- and we can be insta-friends!

Speaking of insta-pics...
My phone stopped working Memorial day night...
therefor I didn't get to make my collage and post it of our day out at my mom's...

better late than never!

On to other news...
I got accepted to the program I had applied to at UTA.
The first set of classes start in July, and though I really want to do it, I am scared out of my mind!
It is $30K from start to finish... which we will have to take out in student loans.  Until now, we have none of these little beasts, so it is something to throw into the pot of risk vs. reward.
I worry about my work schedule, which I have to continue to do, to pay our bills.  (I think people over-look my job because I do it on different hours than the rest of the world, but I actually do work 20-40 hours per week, depending on my call and weekend scheduling for that week) so I wonder if it will be overwhelming?!
I am scared to fail.... It has been a long time since I have been in school.  (Except the one class I dropped 4 days into) I never even contemplated failing the first go around.  But I was 18.  I lived at home.  And it wasn't my money on the line.
I have people in my ear telling me to do it... and others saying that it isn't worth it.
I do wonder if I am just chasing a title... but I do believe that I am smart enough-- and I feel like I will never feel complete staying where I am now.
I owe this to myself.

Moving on...
We can finally purchase our land.
We have had to put the purchase of our land on the back burner, because my parents own the neighboring land and they were fighting with Encore about power lines coming through their place.
They have given us the go-ahead, and I picked up paperwork from the bank last week!!
It will still be a process of having a survey done, and fencing and clearing brush and such... but we have a 3 year plan to build, and this is the first step to that goal!
I don't know that my Pinterest dream home with 87 kitchens will ever make it to our 8 acres... but sometime in the near future, we will call that place home!
It is so exciting to me!

And finally...

I am keeping my niece 2 days a week through the summer.
She is a sweet girl, exactly one year older than Maddox, and is actually my second cousin.
Amber, her mom, has agreed to trade out by watching my boys so Lance and I can have dinner together, in repayment.
Today is our 2nd day at this gig, and it is definitely a learning process all the way around.
She gets here at 8:00 and her belly is ready for breakfast.  My kids usually sleep until 9 or 10, so by the time they are eating their breakfast, she is ready for snack.
I assume daycare served lunch by 11 because she's ready for lunch, by then but my kids are just an hour or so outside breakfast, so they refuse to eat. 
Then it is dessert... and afternoon snacks... and more milk or juice-- which isn't new in this house... (Maddox is the king of snacking) but since no one is on the same schedule, I feel like I am constantly being begged for food!!

We will work on getting on the same track-- and I think they first step will be getting my kids to bed earlier, so they are ready to wake when she gets here.  (which is probably a good idea anyway, since Maddox will start MDO in the fall.)

Once schedules are straighten out, then we will work on the constant pestering, whining, tattling and saying my name!!

Today I made the big kids play outside while Beckham napped (which was the biggest difficulty of yesterday) and it worked well for everyone!

See!  We are adapting and by next week, we will have this down to a science!

No the real 'Finally', I believe Beckham is coming down with hand, foot and mouth.
I finally got my sweet boy back after his few weeks of hell, and then I spotted a blister by his mouth and a few on his soft pallet.
HF&M is a Satan-like virus, and I pray that it will be a very mild case.
Not only for him...
but because I am a much better mommy to well kids.


  1. how exciting on purchasing yall's land!! im sure yall are so overjoyed as you should be. what a tough decision on the going back to school deal.. i battle with that myself and then i remeind myself how anything out of my same simple (boring) schedule terrifies me and i push it to the back of my ming until it pops up again. if you decide to go then good luck and i hope you enjoy the experience and rewards of it.... if not then try not to second guess your self and enjoy your time with your little family! i hope beckham feels better soon and he doesnt have hf&m that just sounds scary! ~leslee

  2. I hope Beckham doesn't have HF&M. I was always worried about Boyd getting it. It does sound awful and painful!

    Ok, I was going to say that too about blogging my IG pictures. All of my 21 IG friends are also blog friends, so I feel like no one wants to see my blog anymore. haha. I'm not sure how to get the right balance with it all. I feel blah about my blog because of it, so I might just have to figure something out.

    Lots of luck with school, and purchasing your land! Very exciting!

    Thanks for what you've said recently about my food, etc. I'd love to do a food blog, and I think it would be recipes, plus local restaurants I love to eat at. :)

  3. Lots going on in your world! Congrats on moving foward with your land...we have never built a home, but I can only imagine how exciting that must be! Also, congrats on being accepted into the program you wanted! I think if it's something you really want to do, you should go for it! And who doesn't have student loans? My husband is 41 and we STILL pay every month on his stupid loan! I hope the babysitting schedule works out....that must be stressful with the kids all on different schedules. Is it the little girl that is sitting at the table with Maddox? She looks way more than a year older than him! And one last did you do the instagram collage! So cool!

  4. yay for your new land!!!!!! That is SO exciting- I dream about the day we can settle down and find some land somewhere! I'm hoping at least one of those kitchens you pinned (and I re-pinned) will end up in your house! lol

    Poor Beckham- I hope he doesn't have HFM! (and selfishly, I really hope he doesn't have it because I want to see y'all next week!!!!!)

    And yay for Instagram------ I didn't like you just using it to edit. I like all your comments now- you insta-whore! haha! (I'm just as guilty) and look up Snapstagram.... something like that. You can get those bad boys PRINTED! woohooo! I'm trying to think of something clever and pin-worthy to do with them......

  5. Well look at you, bearer of awesome news! I'm so happy for everything going on with you (minus the HF&M).

    I was just starting a blog about Instagram the other day (I think I have about 5 blogs started, not finished). I'm obsessed now - like you, I didn't realize it was a big "follower" thing.

    I'm trying to get back into using my DSLR so that I can have other things to blog about because even though I don't really blog a ton, I know no one is going to look at my pictures twice.

    I want to find somewhere to go on "nature walks" (could just go to my parents) and start discovering things with Macie. I think there's a lot of photo worthy opportunities to blog about that way. I've got to figure out some "free" activities to take part in this summer!

    1. I need to get my real camera out too... I'm just so discouraged because I still stink at it!!

      Also, I subscribe to an email called frugal in FTW that has some great ideas!!

  6. What is the program for school??

    I am recently addicted to instagram too, as you can see!!

    Yay for land, that is SUPER exciting!!!