Friday, April 20, 2012

birthday re-cap

I had a phenomenal birthday!

We typically do not celebrate very big for our birthdays, and that's the way I like it.
It is the way I was raised.

When we were younger, we got to pick out whatever dinner we wanted and my mom would make us a cake.

My brother always chose Tbone steak and I always chose a slew of vegetables that may or may not go together!

As adults, Lance and I typically do something similar for each other, and rarely buy presents.
This year, he told me that he was taking me out... and he already had a babysitter!!

It changed my entire week, waiting to see what he had up his sleeve.
It is so unlike Lance to take an initiative on things like this, and follow through without guidance, so I found it kind of sexy, to be honest!

He had told Maddox about my birthday too and Maddox was so disappointed when I had gotten up and made oatmeal for everyone before he awoke, because he wanted to make me a bowl "of my favorite cereal" and bring me breakfast in bed.
He said, "I would say, happy birthday beautiful, now eat your breakfast up."

He is such a romantic.
(and the thought was so much nicer than the cereal and milk that would have sure to have been spilled across my floor, had he mastered his plan!)

He did spend his entire day, revolving everything he could about celebrating me!
{like the birthday castle he made me out of legos}

Lance came walking in the house with a new pair of TOMS that I had mentioned wanting, a few months ago.
He also got me the sweetest card.
{And I cried like a baby reading it!}

We had dinner at Bob's Steak and Chop House, and it was beyond fabulous.
I did sneak a cell phone pic of my salad while Lance was in the restroom {sorry about the quality}...
because I knew better than to embarrass him and take one while he was there...

However, once back to the car, Lance did pull out a paper napkin from his pocket and said, "I took this from the restroom for your blog."
He knows me well.

When Lance made reservations, they asked if we were celebrating anything and he told them it was my birthday.
And though I was stuffed, they insisted we take our complimentary dessert to go.
Normally I would choose what I thought Lance would like, but he insisted I go with whatever I wanted...
Amaretto, chocolate swirl cheesecake, with toasted almonds.
All to myself...

After dinner, we ran by Grapevine Mills mall to return my TOMS for a smaller size.
I gasped out loud when I read this sign, and thought it was worth a picture.
And though this post was suppose to recap my birthday...
I must share...
Beckham will be one in 2 days.

Recently, he has transitioned from my mild-mannered baby, who rarely makes a peep of unhappiness--
to my quick-tempered, high maintenance baby who squeals when things do not go his way.
{it is 8:30 and he is already back down for a nap.}

Which is cute, since today is full of running-arounds for tomorrow morning's bash.
[I pray for an easy day.]
And not to leave Maddox out, I want to share 2 little Maddox'isms.

**First, a not-so-funny Maddox'ism, worth remembering...
Lance and I have followed the journey of this dad and his son's battle with cancer, here, on his aunt's blog.
Together, we have shed a few tears over this little tyke and a few days ago-- he finally gave up his battle and went to beautiful kingdom of Heaven.
As I read his dad's final entry, I started sobbing but I wanted to read it to Lance too.
I was sitting at the kitchen table and Lance was just over the 1/2 wall in the recliner where I could not see him.
Maddox suddenly burst into tears, crying so hard we could hardly make out what he was saying.
Finally he said, "that thing is so sad."  We said, "what thing, buddy?" and he said, "whatever you are reading."
I felt terrible that he understood what I was reading to Lance but before I could bring it down to 3 1/2 year old level, he busted out again between sobs, "it made my daddy not brave, and I never want my daddy to not be brave."
It was then that I realized Lance's cheeks were saturated with tears, and it was probably the first time that Maddox has seem his daddy cry.
It was sweet and sad all at the same time.
I adore his tender heart.
[and yes mom, I won't read anything like that around him again.]

**And I will finish on a funny one!
Yesterday I was using Siri on my phone to help me remember something.
Maddox asked, "who are you talking to?'
To which, I replied, "Siri".
As if that completely cleared it up for him, he said, "oh. I first I thought it was God. But now I know it was just his mom."
I am off to the shower...
I can't wait to see how cute Beckham's breakfast table looks tomorrow at his birthday party!
next post...
I would like to tell you that I am going to start using my real camera again soon, so that you can get a few better quality pictures than these you have seen from my iPhone lately...
but since Picnik closed yesterday, don't hold your breath!

Do, however, keep your eye out for me discounted PSE or lightroom...
[I missed out on a steal that Kristen found me a few months ago... would'a, could'a, should'a.]


  1. I am so glad you had a great birthday. You look so pretty in all of your pictures. Your family is simply adorable. I have never been to Bob's. Kevin has and loves it. Your salad looks delicious!

    Ok. I thought Boyd was funny, but oh my gosh, those things you wrote here that Maddox said. I just can't get over them. He is so cute and funny and sweet! Love it!

  2. How sweet and scary for your little boy. It is crazy how little boys start out so tender and then grow up to be men.

  3. Oh my gosh, this post is so sweet, Holly! Bless your hearts! Little Maddox has me bawling! It has been quite the journey, hasn't it. Thank you for following along. I told his family about you and your husband and how much Stephen's story touched your lives. It meant so much to them! I have a few extra T Shirts from Stephen's Run, one especially for your family. I would love to mail it to you. :) Could you please email me your address at Thank you so much! ((HUGS))

    Natalie (from NatSprat) :)