Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday

28 is the age.

Lance says he has something planned for tomorrow,
and since all that I had planned was laundry upon laundry...
I am excited for the evening!

Today, I spent my morning at the park with one of my most favorite people in the world and her two girls.

We make our selves laugh so hard that we have to hold our cheeks and hold up a hand begging for a break... every single time we are together.

And when we don't have anything new that's funny to say, we retell old funny stories, and we laugh like they're new, just the same.

We had a picnic...
our kids played...
yeah, we find it funny that we made our big kids swing like the babies!

It was all-day happy hour at Sonic...

I had a cherry vanilla coke.

And because Candace is liable to call me out... I had a BLT too.
Post my PB&J.

Back home, I spent a little time digging deep into a new path for my "going back to school", that I am always talking about, and I am getting gitty just thinking about it again.

This one is more expensive--
but so doable--
And exciting--
and I am thankful for Whitney, and all of her information...
I can not wait to get started!

Work tonight was busy...
But Lance called and said the boys wanted to take me to dinner since they wouldn't be there to celebrate tomorrow.

It was sweet...
but between you and I, I didn't cook dinner before I left and this may have been his way to not have to either.

Either way,
it was a nice gesture.

I walked into Applebee's to 6 big brown eyes, a card and a potted plant.
Maddox picked it all out (even the smiley face stick that he insisted Lance buy to put in it), he kept telling me I was beautiful (even though I am a hot mess tonight) and he wrote his own name in my card, which was very special to me.

Beckham had plans to be anything but sweet.

He screamed...
like sccrreeaaammed...
he raked his food into the floor, in the manner of a bratty 2 year old...
he refused to stay in the highchair...
he cried...
Lance got pissed.
I laughed.
(nice role reversal, huh?!)

We traded walking him around...

I tried nursing him in the bathroom.  (nope, still not weaned)

And eventually, I ate my celebratory dinner alone.
As Lance had to wait in the car with the most exhausted baby of all time, because it wasn't fair to ruin everyone else's meal.
The boy just needs two naps a day-- and one just won't cut it-- now we know.

It was the thought that counts...

And even though Lance said it was our worst outing ever...
I know we have had worse!

I usually don't make big to-dos out of my (or Lance's) birthday...
however, it was so sweet for him to try!

He's a keeper.

I can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Holly! Sorry your Birthday Eve didn't go so well, but at least it's one to remember. ;)

    I'm sure whatever Lance has planned today will make up for it and I hope you have a wonderful evening celebrating your special day!

  2. Listen to you all calm and passive. I always feel a huge load of anxiety any time we attempt a dinner out. Usually the kids act okay, but it's always a worrier for me. Love the pictures, and Maddox is such a handsome boy!! I love the age they are at now. Their personalities shine through so much. Cori likes to pick out gifts too! Last year on James' birthday she picked him out a Dora cake. She insisted that he loved Dora too because he watches it with her at night before bed. Okay, and I LOL'ed at the big kids in the baby swing!!

  3. I would love to see a side by side pic of you (as a little girl) and Maddox! He looks so much like his mommy! I hope your birthday suprise tonight with your hubby is a fun one!
    Happy Birthday my friend!

  4. Last October my friend of 48 years, that grew up in Texas but now lives in Atlanta, GA., came home to have a memorial service for her husband who passed away in August. She and I have always found the oddest things, hystericaly funny. While she was here we went downtown Fort Worth to Sundance Square and visited all the little shops there including a card shop. We laughed so much we wet our pants (which has never been too unusual for us). When she got back home she sent me a note about a funny u-tube someone had sent her and said she was saving it 'til I came out next month so we could "laugh together 'til the tears ran down our legs" I thought that was the perfect way to put it. Judy Lee and I are driving to Atlanta, May 21for a week. You remember Judy Lee, she was the one that had the gizmo called the clapper she plugged her bedroom TV into so she didn't have to get out of bed to turn it off before she went to sleep at night. You thought it was sooooooooooo cool. when we went by her apartment to pick her up on our way to Six Flags when you about 6 or 7.

    Have a great brithday sweetie. We'll see you Saturday morning.



  5. Happy Birthday friend! I hope it's a great one, and I can't wait to hear what Lance planned for you.

    Although your meal was a bummer at Applebee's, I can't help but chuckle and think....I LOVE having a meal ALONE. Don't take that the wrong way. :) I adore that photo of Maddox holding your flower.

    Hope today has been wonderful.

  6. Hope you have a great birthday, maddox's is such a sweet little boy!! ~Leslee