Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I need 4 of me

I enrolled Maddox in Mother's Day Out, for fall, this morning.
They took my $100 and reserved our place.
It is 2 days a week from 9-2 and I know he will love it.
(I don't know how I will love the fee of $170/mo... but I will have to get over it.)
I had a feeling in my chest as if my feet were tied the a rubber band and I was about to leap head first from the bridge.

I wanted to cry and laugh and kiss him and spank him all at the same time!
But I didn't.
I held it together and made the lady giving me the tour think I was calm and excited.

Marking that off of my list, I scrolled down to the next thing to accomplish today.

I need to find a Microbiology class within these hours Maddox is being watched, and knock it out of the way...
If I can take this class... I will finally have all that I *must* have to go back to school.

There are a few other classes that would be *nice to have* as well...
But you know...
time and money are on my back.

Overwhelmed, I drew a line through this one and decided I'll look more tomorrow.

Beckham's birthday is actually most important at this point.

Yeah, in case you were thinking that I had miraculously moved Beckham's birthday into May... you were wrong.  I haven't.
His birthday is 11 days away.
The party...

And I haven't done a single thing.
Not one invite mailed.

To be honest, the invite was just picnik'ed a few seconds ago... and I forgot to capitalize "patch" but it is going to have to stay that way because my list is too long to start all over and I wasn't logged in so none of it (except my final product) was saved.

If you are reading this now--
consider yourself invited.

I am out of time.

The invite was sent to in a few minutes ago-- hopefully they will find themselves matted upon the cute paper I bought a month ago with the help of my friend Haley, tonight.
I can address envelopes between patients tonight and mail them tomorrow.


I did call yesterday and reserved a place at the Pumpkin Patch in Decatur.
$150 for peddle cars, snow cones, a petting zoo, a bridge, a slide, and a bounce house.
What a deal!
My mom typically rents a bounce house for the kid's parties, so she offered to pay 1/2 instead.  (which is uber-nice)
I thought we would do donuts and a fruit bar... maybe breakfast burritos if I get to feeling quirky... but let's not get too crazy yet!

Off of Blogger and back to the list I go...

...In 20 years, Beckham won't know he was put off until the last minute, right?!
...He won't think to look through blogs and find months of planning for Maddox's parties, will he?
...He'll know he was equally as loved and thought about... huh?

It's not on the list...
It's not on the list.

I'll have to worry about this tomorrow.
[and Autumn says as long as I take tons of pictures, he won't be the wiser... so we are going to go with that!]

Peace out Blogger friends!


  1. Love the invitation!! 1st birthdays are so much fun!

  2. The invites are adorable!

    AND, you need 5 of you so that you can catch the flick with me tomorrow. ;)

    1. My kids were with my mom until 10 last night (and didn't get home until 11) because I typically don't work on Wednesday's and lance had to work too.... And then we had a crazy night and didn't get out until after 9:00.... This morning they are BOTH being terrible, so I don't think I would dare ask my Nana...
      If you end up waiting until tomorrow, let me know!

  3. Breathe, Holly. You're doing great! I love the invites, and the party sounds fun!!! I wish we lived closer!

  4. It's usually the third child that really gets the shiv'!! Only one more to go lol!!

    I didn't even know you could rent out Black Creek Lake. Last time I went there after high school it was a place for kids to go to camp out and hide from their parents and have a few beers lol!! But man... $150.00 for all that?? That's pretty darn cheap!

  5. What a deal on the party! That's a lot of entertainment! The invites are the cutest ever! You are so darn creative! And, sorry we can't make it...Brady has a dentist appointment in the morning and I am working a banquet Saturday evening. :) Hope Beckham has a super fun party...and don't worry...everything will get done and be Holly perfect!

  6. Beckham's invitations are adorable. i just bought that exact same scrapbook paper a couple weeks ago (the zig-zag one) to make Wyatt's thank you notes with!! good luck with party planning! ~Leslee

  7. The invites are amazing. They are perfect in every way! The party sounds like it's going to be so much fun. You are so right, no worries, Beckham won't know any of this 20 years from now....he will only see the pictures of family and friends and know that it was a WONDERFUL birthday for him. xo.

  8. I think I finally figured out how to comment. I loooovvvveeee your blog- marianne