Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today was just fine

Today I will throw pictures of splashing in the front yard...
of sharing avocados...
and popsicles...
coloring with sidewalk chalk...
and lots of smiles
in your face--

And I will leave out my PMS.
Unnecessary tears over the song "Temporary Home"...
And my 'Love and Respect' book that I found myself diving into, trying to prove what I need from my husband but just realizing what he needs from me.

Just look at the pictures.

My house is clean....
Dinner was ready for the boys before I left for work--
work was easy-peasy...
and my husband cleaned up their mess before I came home.  (he hears me?!?!)

Today was just fine.

Tomorrow I have a date with my mom (who is on strike) and I am looking forward to it!!

And if all goes as planned, I will be sitting in Florida in 20 days.


  1. Happy pictures, happy thoughts! It's the mediocre {and bad} days that make our great days so great.

    Look at those smiles! I love them all, but that one of Maddox shoving his booty into the water cracks me up. Makes me think of childhood and doing goofy things like that and thinking it was so funny.

    I have envy. Florida in 20 days? Lucky girl!

    1. Lance is going there for a week with his job, so I had to take off of work anyway (since he is my babysitter). So I am trying to find a good deal on flights for Maddox and I (B will be a lap rider) and if all works out-- we are going to tag along and hang at the beach for a week!

  2. I love coming over here...you always crack me up!

    I bet your boys had so much fun playing in the sprinkler....could you send some warmness my way, please?!

    I think you need a countdown thingy for your trip to Florida...how exciting!

  3. Hi Holly,

    and happy belated birthday to you!!!! Sounds like it was a great one.
    I LOVE your new Toms. So cute.

    Fun pics in the yard.

    Florida, sounds fabulous!

  4. Holly...help. How do you make your collages? I'm going crazy since Picnik left and I can't make collages anymore. Thanks!

  5. These were all done with my iPhone... But since you are now a proud owner of one, you too can make them. This app is called Picframe and I have another collage app called Diptic.

  6. Thx friend! Will look those up. Love this post and all the sweet pics. Florida sounds great!! Ps. Requested you on instagram. I'm at: nicolleweseman


  7. Why can't I figure this out? I just bought the Picframe app, and I can't make that collage like you have here with the 16 square pics?