Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We heart Yu

Sorry about the back-to-back posts (and iphone pictures in this one), but if don't post now-- it could become a long-lost-idea.

Last night, our friends invited us out to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Ranger game from their suite.
We decided to bring the boys, since their kids were going-- against our better judgement.

I think they did okay-- despite their busy day, the day before... and the amount of sugar that I am sure is still circulating within their veins....
but Lance says we will get a sitter before the next game, we were constantly trading baby or tracking Maddox-- so we got to watch less game than we had planned.

Yu Darvish pitched yesterday...
and I would have to hit up google to tell you any more than he is a pitcher from Japan.
(sorry Kristi!)

It was crazy to see how much media (or Japanese men with ridiculous cameras that surely would pass for media) were there!

My favorite story about Yu was this:
Our friend's son is really good at baseball.  He's like 7ish?!? but plays year around on select teams.
He knows his baseball-- and is a serious fan as well.

He was watching the game and I asked him how baseball was going this season...
I asked him what positions he was playing this year...
and then I askd him if he was the next Yu Darvish.

He confidently shook his no and said, "nah."
So I asked... "not quite that good yet?"
In which he replied, without even a smile... "no, he's not that good."

I cracked up laughing!!
Oh, to have to confidence of a child.

We enjoyed our family night...
with sweet friends.
(whom we have to make more time to see.)

And better yet...
The Rangers won!


  1. You are so sweet!!! Yes, we do need to spend more time together!
    The boys were great! Dayton is a little confident.... If you can't tell. Maris had a great time playing with them as well!
    I smell a game of washers, a cook out and kids play time in our future.
    Maybe before the next game... With no kids... We can go to dinner, then come back and get to actually watch the game! :)

    1. Sorry. This is Kristi. It wouldnt let me log in

  2. Fun time!
    Funny story about "He's not that good!"
    Kids are so funny.
    You look so cute!

  3. ps- i always wonder, in your header picture, is that your house? such a neat house and neat picture!

    1. We rented our house out last year and lived in a farm house on 80 acres near my mom. That was Maddox running up the drive way to the farm house.... it was old and small, but quaint and sweet-- and where we brought Beckham home, so I miss it. We will eventually build a house on that land.

  4. You look gorgeous in ALL of these pictures. What a fun night. That last picture is so sweet!

  5. Great pictures...looks like a fun night!