Sunday, June 17, 2012

About my Daddy

I didn't think I could trump last years Father's Day post, being on call both Saturday and Sunday... but I did host a little interview with our funny 3 year old.

I hope to ask these questions over the years to see how the answers change!

[And once Beckham can say more than a handful of words, I will ask his opinion on the subject as well.]

One thing that is sure to stay constant is the unconditional love Lance gives our boys and the hero status they return to him.

Happy Father's Day, babe!

You are worlds above the rest, in our book! 
I thank God every day, for the daddy that you are.

My Daddy's 'real' name is: Wance Daddy

He is four-thirty years old.

He is 4 feet tall and weighs 14 pounds.

My daddy's hair is  bwack and his eyes are white on the outside and bwack in the middle  .

His favorite food: he has never told me but maybe its something he bakes on the grill

Dessert: brownies

His favorite game to play: softball

Sport to watch: baseball

My daddy is the happiest when: when he gets home from work and I run at him and snuggle him

My favorite thing to do with my daddy is: pway cars

His favorite tv show is: Bomb Patrol Afghanistan (which turned into an entire conversation about parachutes and helicopters and IEDs.)

He loves to drink: Dr Pepper and sometimes your Pepsi

Daddy makes me the happiest when: he plays cars or Captain America with me.

I know my daddy is mad when: when I throw my superheroes over the fan or do other bad things

My daddy is very good at:  holly ball

How strong is Daddy?  15 weights.

What does Daddy always say to you? "Maddox, I got to go to work, but I will be right back and we can play holly ball."

How does daddy make you laugh?  making funny faces

My favorite part of my day with Daddy: when we go to the park together or you guys watch me ride my bike

Daddy's favorite place to be is: in the shower

I know my daddy loves me because: he always tells me and kisses me a lot.


  1. very sweet Holly! And you are so close to 30,000 views on your counter!

  2. lol- I love that! I have to know--- what in the world is "holly ball"?? That was a pretty consistent answer--- is it a country game? haha

    1. We have no idea?!?!!! We asked him the same thing! He did tell us that his daddy plays it at the softball field, so I guess he was confused!!

  3. Holly, this is priceless! So darn cute! I love that you have no idea what holly ball is! So funny how kids see things from their perspective. Keep doing's awesome!

  4. Oh my word, I have got to remember to do this next year for Father's Day!!!! It's absolutely priceless. I love what your sweet boy said.