Saturday, June 9, 2012

I busted through ...and made it out!

Thursday, after work, I met two friends from high school, and one "friend", whom I had never met in real life [but was great friends with her husband in high school and feel like we are best pals from our blogging/facebooking/instagramming with each other] for dinner.

We all have busy lives and small children, so what originally was planned as a play date-- was converted into a mom's night out and chat-fest-- because, frankly, we all needed it.

Ashley's baby was fussy, so she slid out early.
We continued to catch up and finally closed down Gloria's at 10:00, and moved over to Starbucks.
They closed at 10:30, so we took it to a table just outside the store.
Erin left too...
And eventually Jenna and I took it to our car.

Finally we realized it was 1:30 in the morning, I got my very own book signing out of the trunk of Jenna's car, and we called it a night!

Jenna and I spent countless nights, in our younger days, with nights just like these.
We took vacations together as families, cheered together, ran up and down the road, laughed, cried and have a lot of funny memories and inside jokes.

After years of little contact, we realized that some things never change!
And we had such a great time together.

Erin was just as sweet and pretty as I knew she would be.
And now when I say, "my friend Erin"... it won't be a lie.  We "know" each other now!

Friday, Lance and I had plans to go to a graduation party for the little brother of a guy Lance grew up with.
10 or 15 years ago, this family was the family to host a party...
and again, some things don't change.

They had great food, swimming, beach volleyball, and 2 live bands.

The first few years of mine and Lance's relationship, I sat on the tailgate of a pick-up truck and listened to Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Jack Ingram, Jerry Jeff Walker, Mike McClure, and other artists like that.

10 years later, I sat at the same house and while my husband pitched washers with the same group of guys and I listened to Mike McClure {{live}} and some cat named Johnny Cooper.  (who I didn't know)

We chatted with friends that we never see, rode the Ranger around their property, laughed, told old stories, and had a great time.
So great, in fact, that Lance and I didn't leave until 3:30 this morning!

I was fine with that, because I made friends with Mike's harmonicaist, Jake... and since the bands were staying the night, talked my way into a private concert {{acoustic}}. 

For about a minute, I felt like I am was high school again... living the dream.

That minute was over, this morning, however, when Beckham woke up at 7:00 to nurse and wanted to play until 9:00!!

Today, we had lunch in Boyd at my favorite little gas station.
Stopped for snow cones...

Lance and B took 3 hour naps...
And we did nothing!


I feel so much better, after a little (or lot) of 'me time'.
This kind of stuff doesn't fall my way too often, but hopefully I got enough to fill my tank for a little while.
I think my pitty party is over...
I made it out!


  1. Well, I definitely didn't feel like I was meeting strangers. You girls are so much fun - I really wish I could have stayed longer!

    I had a better explanation for Mickey Mouse to tell Chris and it all came back to him. (I think he's secretly jealous that I'm friends with you now, by the way.)

    I'm glad for you that you got a bit of a refresher. I hope your Summer just gets better and better now!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekned!! I can't wait to meet you and "know" you too. I feel like I already know you though. (weird, right?) The last picture in the bathtub is so freaking adorable!! I love that little grin of Maddox's and that chubby wubby smile of Beckham's!! Great post!

  3. Don't you love getting together with a friend that you can just pick up where you left off. Easy friendships are the best!