Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy birthday Maddox

Maddox had a difficult time, adjusting to turning four.

For a few nights prior to his birthday, he cried at bedtime, terrified of getting older.

He would start by shaking his head quickly while doing to smile-to-frown thing, assuring us he was excited.  He would then start fighting tears while pretending to be tough... and then he would breakdown, telling Lance that he just wanted to be his little boy forever, and wasn't ready to be big...

I know it was mean to set him up...
but I knew it was something I would want to watch again.
So click the link (I had to use youtube because Blogger wouldn't cooperate) and enjoy!


I honestly just thought it was just a case of the too-tireds,
But Lance wrote him this letter this morning, and his waterworks continued...

Today, we met our friends at the Fort Worth Science Museum to play, for Maddox's birthday.
He had the crazy eye...  (aka: exhaustion)
He and Kyleigh weren't clicking...
It was busy there...
Our friends were tired too...

But all in all, I thought the day was fun...
but nothing crazy-exciting... and more work than I typically enjoy...
But in good company, and fun.

From there, we headed to lunch at Chickfila.

A slight misunderstanding, however, left Amanda's crew and my crew at separate stores, across town!

Once we got our wires straight, we chatted some more and let the kids play.

I had intended on making cupcakes for our play date...
But I have no excuse--
We had icecream instead!

Candace traded nights with me tonight, so that Lance and I could take him somewhere fun to celebrate as a family.

We tossed around the idea of going to see 'Brave' or heading to Dallas to eat at The Magic Time Machine... but finally agreed on Putt Putt.

We stopped at Riskey's for 5 for $5 BBQ, and the rain started pouring down.

We waited it out as long as we could but Mountasia didn't see a re-opening in their future tonight...
And we didn't see a re-waking in Maddox's future, tonight, either.

We headed home

Of course we were wrong and he woke up, sad...
no cupcakes.
no present.
no putt putt or movie.

We snuggled and played...
and he got over it.

(And now he thinks he somehow scored two birthdays, since his party is not until this weekend.)

From this point, until the next July 10th, I am the momma of a four year old.
Whether he likes it or not,
he is no longer three!

Happy birthday baby boy...
I love you!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I just watched the youtube video "Maddox's one man band" and now I think I am the one upset about him turning four!
    That felt like it was yesterday that we lived in the farm house-- but he was a BABY!
    SLOW DOWN!!!!

  2. Oh my!! That video was so cute, but heart breaking!!!! Happy Birthday Big Boy!!

  3. Oh my gosh Holly!!! Sweet Maddox! That video! Bless his heart.

    Boyd did the same thing. I wonder what is up with 4?! He cried and said he wanted to be 3 forever. I often thought it was more about me saying he was gonna be a big boy. Who knows! ;)

    Happy birthday Maddox!

  4. Oh how sad!! Watching him cry made me cry! He's fine and then just like that he's crying...poor guy! Tell him 4 is the new 2! :) Such a sweet note Lance wrote to him.
    Happy Birthday Maddox!

  5. OH MY GOSH! That video was hilarious and heart breaking all in the 1:04 minutes it was on. I love that boy. Kensley is excited about being 4. Maybe it's a girl thing? lol Or the fact that she just wants presents..........