Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July... on the 6th

I love 4th of July.
The fireworks... the food... the patriotism.

It also has sentimental meaning to me, because that was actually Maddox's due date, 4 years ago.
...before he made other plans.
On his 2nd birthday, we had a red, white and blue party, centered around our neighborhood's firework show, and pretended like it was all for him.

They firework show, this year, was on July 3rd...
Which coincided with the day I came down with a summer cold/ man voice/ ear pain/ sore throat.

My parents came over, as did Lance's dad.
We made steak and veggie kabobs and I made the these chicken and pineapple kbobs as well.
We had baked beans, rice, a salad...
and the easiest and yummiest peach cobbler known to man! 

They didn't start the show until after 10:00 and we were able to sit at my friend, Heather's in-laws for a perfect view!

Maddox ended up crawling in the truck and watching from the quiet view...
but Beckham watched them up-close and personal, and loved every minute.

On the actual fourth, Lance and I took advantage of On The Border's 1/2 price appetizers and margaritas-- and then we watched a few mini-shows from our driveway, with the boys!
Beckham was in the kissing-est mood that night and I took full advantage of the love!

Yesterday was spent running errands-- trying to get ready for Maddox's 4th birthday party!
I left with a whole lot of nothing...
except a full belly of cafeteria food... and two sticky little boys!
Tonight we are going to look at a new car--
and if we can get what we want for our car...
I may be back in the big-car-business soon!


  1. My youngest was born in July as well and this year it hit me that I have not had a red, white and blue birthday for her...maybe next year.
    I love the superhero invitations.

  2. Crossing my fingers for you on the car!

    Girl, I just love all of your pictures. Every single one. They are always so cute and fun and they make me smile. I love the one of Maddox in that mask, and the one where you are kissing Beckham on the forehead and he is smiling/laughing. Maddox's birthday invites are precious. I think the first 3 years I bought Boyd's at Dollar Tree, and last year I just printed them on a big white piece of paper from the computer. :) I'm not really creative when it comes to stuff like that.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Those invites are adorable!!!!! I love all the pictures! What kind of car are you looking to get?