Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you've got it, flaunt it. (and other stuff)

Yesterday we had a great day at the daycare!
The kids played well together, no fighting... and other than me shipping them to the backyard sprinklers during Beckham's nap because they have no comprehension of the word "quiet", they were great.

(today, however, they have each set in time out already --Maddox for whining and Kyleigh for hitting... but it is too early to call it a loss just yet!!  ...we still have swimming in our future!)

I was going to post pictures of their bubble wars from yesterday...
but I realized I have a lot of pictures in my phone that I haven't posted yet.

I have them...
here's the flaunting.

After bubble wars, Maddox wanted a "metal detector"... 
he was sure that if I just taped this pump to his bubble gun, it would work.

It didn't.

While I was at night clinic last night, Maddox stood on the retaining wall for hours and chatted with a new friend diagonal from our house, and Robby next door.

 Back inside (and smelling like a puppy), I asked him the little girl's name.
He told me it was either "chloe" or "clokey" but he wasn't sure.

I'm no betting girl, but I bet Clokey is not correct!

Now onto the section, labeled:  random pics in PJs.

There is just something sweet about bed hair, raspy voices, snuggly faces...
and if you are lucky...
Still sleeping babies.



Beckham wants to be Maddox.
He follows him around, plays with his toys, wears his shoes, aaaannnd bites and hits him.
Maddox is so sweet  and patient with Beckham.

{{ but I am sure the tables will turn at some point.}}

Last night, Beckham brought me a pair of Maddox's underwear and was trying to put them on.
So, for about an hour, he sported his first pair of Buzz Lightyear underwear around and a smile.
Rapidly changing pace again::

Have you seen my Rapunzel hair?
I mean really.
If you have known me longer than a minute, you know that the ears is about as long as these locks grow.

I occasionally have the itch to cut it...
or go back blonde.

But the husband is a fan of it long and dark,
and it is cheaper to keep it this way.

So for now, it stays.

All of my blogging friends are so healthy.
I am not.
My husband, however, made a promise to me 2 nights ago that he is going to try to get in shape and eat healthier.
So, I guess I am going to have to pay closer attention to all of your clean eating boards and start changing the way I cook.

Really it isn't me, though.
I could very easily be a vegetarian, who eats icing by the spoonful at midnight.

This was yesterday's lunch.
Not because I diet... but because all of these things sounded good and I wanted them.
Unfortunately, fried okra, onions and potatoes sounded good the day before.
I am very inconsistent.

Lance eats nothing green.
Basically, he could live off of meat, potatoes and chocolate.

But it is going to kill him, if he does.

Finally, I am going to close with more drama from the news.
(this post is all over the place, so why not?!)

Lance was going crazy last night over the shooting in Dallas and the way the spectators were acting.
He even tivo'd it, (because I never watch the news) so that I could see.

He usually takes stuff like that personal, but last night, it made me sick too!

Of course I come from a family of police officers, so I am going to side with the law.
I already get my piss hot every time someone throws a hiss-fit on FB for getting a ticket.
Usually "the dumb cop" was hiding or whatever.

Every single day I speed down 820 to work.
Every single day I take the risk that I could get a ticket for it.
I am breaking the law.

What in the heck do people think?

They want the help if their house is broken into, or their child goes missing or they are hit in an accident when someone else is breaking the law...
but they, themselves want to be omitted.
I don't get it?

I am telling you now, that if one of my loved ones is getting the hell beat out of them from the behind the badge, regardless if gun-fire is shed first or not...
I hope they fire.
I hope they do exactly what that cop in Dallas did yesterday from the drug house.

Why do people think it is okay for criminals (aka: bad guys) to attack police officers (aka: good guys) and not have to face punishment?
I would like to hear from this low-life's friends what they thought the officer should have done?
Died for this punk?
Let him go?
I just don't get it.

If you remember correctly, my brother holds a medal of valor for running into gun-fire to save a woman's life.
He was already a husband at the time...
And a father.
And his only back up was a rookie.
But he ran in...
carried a dying woman in his arms over a 1/2 mile to an ambulance...
and saved her life knowing that he could be giving his up.

One of his best friends and fellow-officers was killed by an idiot just like this guy.

They don't get paid enough...
they do more good than bad...
and their main goal is public safety.
Our safety.

I hate the news.


  1. i love everything about this blog!!especially the last part!!love it!!

  2. *looking great with the long, dark hair
    *i want to be your kid, those pics are so much fun
    *I was mesmerized by the news as well. They found one guy on channel 11 that didn't sound like an idiot. One out of 300. And the Preacher, Freeney, made the comment that if they didn't get it calmed down there would be people coming from all over, Oak Cliff, Mesquite, etc. like he wanted more people to add to the mess. I am in awe of our law enforcement and what they face each day to keep us safe. Eternal gratitude!

  3. I hate the news too, yet I was glued to it yesterday. Boyd spent the night with his meemaw and I had the entire evening to myself, and what did I do? I watched that mess for 2 hours! They were all yelling, the cop shot him in the back....yada yada yada. Now I know there are always 2 sides to every story, but I doubted what they were saying. I agree the police and firemen do NOT get paid enough to do what they do. I'm just so glad that last night didn't turn into an even worse event with violent riots, etc. It was bad enough that some of the bystanders were standing in front of that officer line just staring them down. UGH.

    Moving on. I only eat healthy now b/c I have to and I have got to lose some weight. Although I do feel better when I eat better, I still could live on candy and chips and stuff like that if I had my way.

    I love that first large picture where Maddox has his head thrown back in laughter. Your pictures are always so much fun, and you make me want to go out and take even more pictures.

    Have a good night.

  4. Great pictures!

    Now on the eating healthy I really need to try that as well:) I start out good some days and then go down hill. I just love to eat and I REALLY like sweets.

  5. Love the blog. I love the pictures of baby B in big undies!! TOOOO Precious. They are growing too fast. Your daycare looks fun, can you baby sit me??

    I struggle with eating healthy too, obviously! Hang in there....maybe you'll be one of those people that learn to enjoy it.

    I too, hate the news.

  6. Beckham looks adorable in his undies! your hair is sooo long, i like it! and kudos to your brother, what an amazing, selfless thing to do for someone.~leslee