Sunday, July 15, 2012

Four isn't so bad!

We typically do not celebrate birthdays so lavishly, and though none of this week was planned to be so over-the-top, I think Maddox's anxiety over turning four has been settled!

He had a stellar week!

Last blog, I posted about the museum with friends and putt-putt that never happened with Daddy.

The next day, the doorbell rang, and Aunt Allison (sad that she couldn't make his party) had bombarded our porch with a special birthday surprise!
Thursday, Lance was off.
We watched the ESPY awards, that Lance had recorded for us.
We snuggled.  Played.  And did a whole lot of nothing.

Friday, we went to a water park with some of our friends.
We stayed there about 8 hours...
No naps for anyone (not even our babies)...
and the kids had the best time, and acted great!

Ellie and Maddox played so well together and were brave enough to ride even the biggest slides!

I may have slammed my head into a slide so hard that the life guard came down and asked me if I thought an EMT should look at me and have a sore neck, still, 3 days later.... or I may have not.

Beckham and Audrey love each other.
We even caught them kissing through a break in the poles of the steps!
Luckily, I had my phone on me and was able to snap a pic of pure, sweet, innocence.
Saturday was Maddox's superhero party.
I always get nervous that no one is going to show up...
I hate that even though I try to take short cuts, we always spend so much money on the day...
I worry that we won't have enough food-- or party favors...
And I ask myself a million times if it is worth it.

But then it is time...
and our friends pull up...
and it always turns out great!
And the kids have tons of fun!

 Mission accomplished.

After his party, we held true on our promise of putt-putt,
and our friend Luke, brought his son and 2 nephews along to play as well.

It was all fun and games until Maddox quit trying and Beckham got tired of sitting in the stroller and I had to put up my club and hold the little guy.
But it was a little more celebration...
just proving...
that four, really isn't all that bad!


  1. sorry for so many pictures! :)

  2. You can't ever post too many pictures, in my opinion. :)

    I just love the surprise that Maddox's aunt did at the front door. That is so fun, and so special. Those babies kissing....adorable! I am just like you, always nervous and anxious at Boyd's parties, but then it all goes smoothly, even though they are wild and crazy, and everyone has fun. We don't go all out either, but this last one we did because Kevin's mom rented the bouncy for us. I think Maddox will always remember his 4th birthday. You guys made is super special for him. He's a sweet and very lucky little boy.


  3. ps. Maddox's cake is AMAZING!

  4. Words = cake
    Pictures = icing
    Holly's blog = happiness

  5. What a fun party! I love park parties. The cake WOW!

  6. Aww! It looks like he had a blast! Getting older is hard! Ask Maddox what he thinks about turning 30? I asked Cierra what she thought about mommy turning 30 next year...she told me it sounds like an old number!!

  7. Really awesome party...a huge deal! And I love the bombarded porch. Such a sweet fun sneaky thing to do!