Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The boys and I went to the park...
Don't let the pictures fool you.
Beckham screamed the entire walk there and back...

I tripped over Maddox while trying to take a picture of his parachute-- fell to the ground-- on my knees-- camera slamming into a park bench!!  I chipped the edge of my lens [the plastic rim is jacked] on my good camera.  It looks terrible but it still takes pictures... so I don't know?!

What I thought felt like perfect park-weather was actually muggy-humid-hot-and miserable... and my wheels on the jogger are a little low so I was breathing like I had ran a 5K by the time I made it home.

Ultimately, Maddox loaded himself into the stroller after only 30 minutes of playing-- because he was "thirsty and ready to go home".
I obliged.

[It made for a few cute pictures any how!]

Back home, I had to get ready-- because I had a doctor's appointment before work.
Operation:: Holly-attempts-school-again was in full effect and since I am not 30, I had to get a Menactra vaccine before I could register.  [apparently it is a new law]

If I have never mentioned before, I hate shots.
My mouth was sticky and I was light headed before she stuck me... no lie.
I faked her out twice-- asking her to 'hold on a second' so I could take another deep breath.
Trying to decide left arm [since I am right handed] or right arm [since it is my strong arm]...
I went with the right.

The nurse was so sweet and honestly, it didn't hurt that bad.
It did not matter, however, because I had to have it so I could register.
What's a girl to do?!

And I was prepared to do just that post vaccine.

I set timers in my calendar on my phone over the last month.
*When to apply to the school itself.
*Transcript request.
*To call the school and make sure I had a log in after all of the issues last semester...
and then for yesterday-- the day I could finally register.

Logged in and ready to go, I realized that this "online class" comes with a lab that I have to go to the college to do.
Two days a week, an hour across town.

Lance is off Wednesdays and Thursdays...
but I had to choose Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday.
Without childcare, there is just no way.

I was really bummed, but I did what I usually do...
I called my mom.

She is planning on retiring (that's what we are calling it, but frankly she is just quitting) this summer.
So If I wait until next semester, she can keep the boys for me the day that Lance can't.
It will work out.

I just want to get this done.
Maddox starts school in three 2 1/2 years...
and that's my time line to finish.

Patience, Holly.
be still.

I may take that art appreciation class-- or I may take nothing this semester.
Either way, I am now protected against meningitis.
$25 wasted.

Oh well.
I have my entire life to figure this all out...
Or 2 1/2 years...
whichever map I decide to be on.

It will all work out.
It always does.


  1. You are so right, it will all work out, in the end it always does. :)

    Love the park pictures. Sorry about your camera. I have had many close calls with mine. I'm glad yours still works though.

    Isn't it funny when kids have had enough and want to go home. It always shocks me when Boyd does that, because 99% of the time they never want the fun to end! :)

  2. That second picture is so cute. Sorry about your camera...and your wasted shot. You're right have plenty of time...and it sounds like this summer things will go much smoother!