Monday, November 28, 2011

Over the holiday

I kept my nephew, Dane on Monday while he was out of school...
He and Maddox spent hours playing outside.
With their imaginations, they were spies and Toby (our lab) was made of electricity!
It was rather cold, but they didn't care.
They would come inside long enough to grab a snack... and off to playing they would go!
I can't remember a time that Maddox was so tired after playing!
They had a great time together.
I worked Monday and Tuesday night and looked forward to Wednesday, when Lance went on his 3 days off.

Wednesday, rolled around and we ran a few errands-- including a trip to Discount Tire to finally get Lance new tires on his truck. (he got over 80K miles out of the last set-- they were bald and it was time!)

I got home at 7:00 to hear my pager going off...
I had completely forgot that I was on call but luckily there were only 2 pages holding for me.
I lucked out.  Big time!

Thursday I woke up to make cake balls for 3 different Thanksgivings...

Off to my Nana's for a fabulous Thanksgiving lunch.
We pulled out my great grandmother's tatting and chatted together.
Maddox told a few jokes-- we (me, Lance and Maddox) imitated our rendition of the Honda Pilot commercial singing Crazy Train. (we all have a part; and Maddox never lets us trade for another)
Beckham got more snuggles than he bargained for...
It was a great time.

We left there and headed to my mom's for dinner.  (which they ended up eating early)
So I poured myself a glass of wine... we visited... and once my brother got off work, we had leftovers with them.
Our kids are so happy when they are together.
There is nothing but giggles and shrieks and squeals from those kiddos.
Even from poor baby Ellie, who has been very sick.

We crashed in bed for a few hours, with our alarms set for 4:00am.
Beckham woke up to feed at 3:30, so I fed him and then woke Lance up-- ready for Black Friday.
[but better yet, a kid-free outing]

Lance and I went blindly into our adventure.
We weren't going after any electronics or big spending items...
more just the fun and adventure of shopping together.

We stopped for breakfast and then we were off.
[first stop::  Home Depot.  That's what happens when your husband is our shopping partner]

We were shocked at how empty Walmart was at 5:30 in the morning.  All the crazies had come and gone and the place was a ghost town.  But the 2 things that we wanted were still there in plenty so we were happy. 

We laughed-- a lot.
We cracked ourselves up by talking about "door busters" around other people, just to see if we could get anyone anxious and crazy.
We would wait to see someone go for something and if there were only one or two left, we would pretend we were interested in it, just to see people get nervous.
It sounds mean, but it was all in good fun!

Around 10:00, I was tuckering out.... Lance wasn't too far off his normal-everyday schedule so he was eager to keep going.
We made one last final stop into Cabelas and after pumping in the car, [a first for me] I attempted to nap.

I was done.
We headed back to mom's...
fed Beckham and went down for a nap.

We had plans to go to the Parade of Lights... but we were going to need to book it to get down there early enough to hold a spot.
Still moving slow, we missed it.

Instead, the boys took the Ranger 4-wheeling...
made us a fire...
roasted marshmallows...
and mom made some homemade salsa.

Had Lance not had to work Saturday, we would have stayed the night again.

Saturday, I cleaned all day because we were hosting Lance's family (his mom's side) Thanksgiving this year at our house.  [Mexican food style]
I have not been around Lance's brother's wife very much and honestly didn't think we had a lot in common.  She loves to hike, is very outdoorsy, athletic... and well, I'm not. {any of those things}
But we had a great time with them.
Not only are our babies just a couple of months apart... but we are both breastfeeders... she has plans to get her nursing degree... She brought wine [that went unopened but she left it for me to try]... she cleaned up... and she taught us how to Salsa dance!!  {heck, everyone needs a Whitney!}
We all laughed a lot... just like we always do when we we're together.

And here's our video of our Salsa dancing experience...
Once Lance joined in, things got crazy-- [don't mind our sexy moves] I seriously am going to take Whitney up on the offer to 'really' go salsa dancing at Glorias.
I can't wait!

Finally, this week Lance and I are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary...
I work 3 weeks, and then I am off (well, I'll work from home) for 2 weeks.

I will be counting down to this time, to soak in the life of a stay-at-home-mom.
Enjoy my babies...
Enjoy dinner time with my husband...
My mom is off too, so I am sure we will plan a few days together as well.
Yay for the holidays!  [and for being on no one's time, but my own]
For the one semi- vacation I get each year.... I can not wait!

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  1. Look at you getting up early to black Friday shop. I just couldn't do it. Kevin did. He went to Cabela's with my cousin. He said it was insane. I was mad that he spent $250! :)

    I love all of the photos. All of the little people are precious! Especially love the one where there is a glass of red wine, and you are kissing Maddox. I love the look on his face. I'm glad you had a great holiday.