Thursday, November 17, 2011

a few things

Beckham has been sleeping through the night, for a week now!!!!
[last night was an exception, but I am not going to count it {all 3 feeds}... everyone deserves a fluke!]

Last week, on Lance's days off, I asked him to take over during the night.
I thought it would do two things:
1. Show Lance just how much the child likes to wake up. [so he knows I am not exaggerating]
2. Show Beckham that he is not going to get to eat every time he wakes up. [daddy has no milk on board]

The first night, Beckham was up four times and he was mad!!
Of course I wasn't able to sleep through it but I stayed strong and didn't go in there.
The second night he was up only 2 or 3 times...
And the third night [back to mommy duty again] he only woke up once.
And he has done that since!! [omitting last night]

I am so happy and proud of my little lamb!
In other Beckham news::
He has been pulling up over the last couple of weeks.
--On anything and everything.
[this is the craziest thing ever to me!]
Maddox was a few months later on the milestone, but I recall the hatred of mine for this phase!

He falls over and over and over...
which means he cries.  A lot. 

Lance and I have joked about getting him a little helmet.
Or maybe tying him to the floor?!! ;)
It is hard to believe that he is just six months old...
Falling is the pits.

I have had to move the entire living room around, so to remove the biggest culprit of bruises altogether...
the coffee table.
If he wasn't pulling up on it and falling into it, he was sitting up underneath it--and banging his head that way.
I had to get creative by turning it into the tv-table, holding the DVR and basket of blankets...
and the tv table was moved to a random wall.

I think it looks cute--
however, the Christmas tree in a few weeks is going to have to change things again.
[stay tuned for the creativity I have to pull there!] 

The last thing I need is our little busy-body pulling our tree down on himself.
And he would try.
Speaking of sleeping... and falling.

Beckham rolled off of the bed the other morning!!

When he wakes for his 4-4:30 feed, I lay in Maddox's bed to nurse.
[he is usually always in our bed by then, so his bed is free]
Obviously, I had fallen back to sleep and the next thing I heard was the bonk!
Luckily Maddox's bed sits closer to the ground, but I screamed out as if we were being robbed and Lance came running-- pistol in hand!
He was fine, but I was shook up. {as was Lance-- but more from my reaction than to the actual fall}
Lance said I was not making a bit of sense --so you can imagine the circus!

In Maddox news::

I taught him how to call us in case of emergency.
He has been able to work an Iphone since before he could crawl...
but obviously, he can't read.
He can recognize MOMMY.  DADDY. BECKHAM. and MADDOX but they have to be written in big letters, just like that-- and I just thought it was weird to rename Lance to 'daddy' in my phone... so I skipped that idea!!
I went with the "star" method.
I told him... get to the main screen just like you are searching for your games but click the picture of the phone so you can call Daddy.  Then click the star in the bottom {favorites list} and press the yellow star.
We went through the same method on Lance's phone for finding me.
And now he has it down!  [we have practiced many times]
Yeah, it isn't 911-- so in a true emergency, if Lance were at work, it wouldn't do us a bit of good... but I thought it be a little to risky to give Mr-Can-I-play-a-game-on-your-phone open access to 911!!

He has also hit the stage "I want to wear cowboy boots with everything"-- which were so graciously given to us from our friend Krisha!
Yesterday he was cowboyed-out... and he spotted another cowboy in the restaurant.
In his too-big hat, he said, "that Papaw is a cowboy like me!"...
The Papaw [unimpressed] replied, "yeah but your hat's too big"
Maddox didn't care, he grabbed the top of his hat and belted out a big "YEE HAW"
He has yet to meet a stranger--
and yet, neither have I!

Today he wanted to wear the boots with his wind pants and Nike sweatshirt...
So I let him.  --Why not?!
Lance and I got a good laugh, however, after realizing he had put his cowboy belt on with is wind pants too!

On top of the new look, he has learned to whistle.
Not really... but somehow he has learned to make a high pitched 'wheel-whit' sound that sounds exactly like a whistle!!
Coming from someone who can not whistle at all...
I was impressed!

But not necessarily when it is done to catch my attention!
[we just mastered changing "hey" to "excuse me"]
So now we are on to deleting the whistle!  [or at least as its usage to catch my attention]

We have a busy weekend.
My niece [really my 2nd cousin, but that is too difficult to say] is staying with us during the day, tomorrow.
We are going to dinner and bowling tomorrow night to celebrate my little sister's 20th birthday...
and are staying th night with my mom tomorrow night since I have to work Saturday morning.

Sunday, we have our first Thanksgiving at Lance's granny's.

Here starts the holiday madness.
I'm off to rest!


  1. I'm dreading the pulling up phase this time around too. We had carpet with Macie, so that made things a little softer, but we no longer have that soft padding. I've convinced myself I have to get a huge rug for the living room with a heavy duty pad {I'm not really a fan of the rug in there anyway, so this just gives me a good excuse}.

    I love "Cowboy Maddox"! He looks like such a little man. The whistling is a hoot--Macie just learned how to actually whistle {which is no surprise considering that's how her Lolli [Marianne] locates her family in a store or around the house}. If she and Maddox ever hung out, she could teach him a few tips and tricks. ;)

  2. Love the blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE Maddox in his cowboy outfit. That is what I in vision my Levi dressing like. GREAT Idea on calling daddy!! I may have to steal that Idea. Cori is definitely more "pro" at using my iPhone than I am. I'm sure she could figure that one out too! I can't believe how mobile Beckham is getting at such a young age! That is only 2 months from where Levi is and I CAN NOT picture him pulling up in 2 months, but then again, Levi is SUPER lazy. He is so calm and relaxed and has a "Yeah,just carry me around, Mother" (in my rich old man voice) attitude. I can't wait to see your Christmas tree! You are so crafty that it is going to turn out wonderful!! Keep 'em coming Holly! I can't wait for you to write a book one day!! I'll show up to you brook signing when you come to Houston!

  3. I LOVE that first picture, and the pictures of Maddox the cowboy. So cute! I am sorry about the falling off the bed....but you had me laughing b/c Kevin would have come with pistol in hand as well! He's been known to step outside with one often, when he hears a noise.

    Hope you have a great weekend!