Thursday, November 10, 2011

sweets and eats and shopping fun...

I bet Maddox has picked me a half million flowers in his tiny little lifetime.
Always weeds.
Beautiful nonetheless.
He was super excited to wander upon these yesterday.
He is so sweet.

As for eats...
Here's what's been on our menu this week

lettuce wraps
my version.
[it's really the cucumber salad and the spicy dipping sauce that make these so delicious!]

loaded baked potato soup
I have shared it before.  Again, super easy and fast.
And perfect for these chillier days.

Genn's Nana's chicken
I was terrified of the Capers [because I have never had them] but this recipe was super simple and sooo soo so good.
I can tell it will be a new favorite around here.

I finally bought the refrigerated flour tortillas that you heat in a skillet and flip once they puff... my mom always makes that kind and good grief they are so much better!!
[have I told you before that me and my family eat ketchup on our home made tacos?  --weird, right?]
...and I skip the meat, so technically, mine may be more a burrito?!

Chicken pot pie
I had to call Wendy, because I had never made a pot pie but Marie Callendar doesn't have nothing on me!!  It was a-mazing!
I used the left over chicken from Genn's chicken [I pulled it off of the bones and saved all the juices,  and celery-onion-caper business], 1 can of cream of mushroom, and a large can of Allen's home style vegetables bumped into a pie shell and covered with a 2nd shell and baked.  Delish.

Today, we did a little shopping for the boys.

[Lance's dad brought over some cash and asked us to get the boys some winter clothes from him-- super sweet, right?!]
And we had to get my nephew, Dane something for his birthday.  His party is Saturday!!  Maddox wanted to buy him everything!! 

Lance and I had such an awesome day together.
He is so funny sometimes.  
[honestly:: he is always funny-- sometimes I laugh-- other times it annoys me.  Today I laughed.  A lot.]

The boys were awesome too, right up until Maddox had an accident while napping in his car seat.  
[reason #645 not to let him have Sprite at the restaurant]
He wasn't too happy about having to go commando [he woke up during the tinkle-task, so it wasn't a total failure] 
He was worried that someone would know if he wasn't wearing underwear.  He said, "what if they think I am 5?  Please just tell them, {and he changes his voice into his best mommy voice} he is 3 and accidents happen."
No one asked... but I totally would have told them that if they had!  ;)

I am bummed that I missed 10 on 10 today, but hopefully I can finish my Thankful list soon and post it.


  1. I love that he picks flowers for you. Boyd does too, and every time he hands me one he says, mommy this is your birthday present. AND, I just thank him and act like it's really my birthday each time. :)

    The chicken is SO good, isn't it?! I know I will be making it again. I also love those kind of tortillas. They taste so fresh. Our next door neighbor used to make us from scratch tortillas and salsa, and bring them over every weekend. Then they moved. I miss them and the food! I bet your pot pie was delicious. It looks good.

    Oh goodness, we had a mess of a potty training day yesterday. I love what Maddox said. :))

  2. I am dying laughing over here at his comment about no underwear. That little boy's mind amazes me! He's so sweet.

    Glad y'all had a great day shopping!

  3. Maddox is the funniest!
    I still get flowers from Brady....he can't pass by a dandelion witout picking it for me. I know he won't be picking them I cherish each and everytime he gives me one!
    That first picture of Maddox is AWESOME! I love what you did to it! I'd love to know how you edited it!

  4. Kerri, I edit in Picnik. I would love to spend the time (and money) to invest into a "real" editing program, and be able to use my camera to its most potential.... but I never get around to it.