Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a few recipes worth sharing

I have been attempting to cook more...
and try a few new things so our dinners aren't always grilled chicken or spaghetti!
(that's a lie... Maddox and I eat spaghetti for lunch a lot-- but Lance hates it, so I rarely make it for dinner!)

Trying to use more of this organic, good-- T&C meat::

We do tend to eat chicken more than anything else  (since I do not eat ground beef) but I did make Lance some sloppy joes one night (probably only my 2nd time to make them in 9 years!)  And we eat Pork chops often too.
My chops are either grilled or BBQ'd-- (or in the crock pot with a can of golden mushroom) so there is no need to tell you how to do that!!

Here are a few things we have eaten in the past week or two.

Remember I am not the healthiest eater...
nor am I anywhere near gourmet.
But as I have said before...
I cook cheap.
And most importantly...
I cook easy!

 [Lance wanted me to make these twice in the same week... I didn't!]

 [check out Nicolle for the real recipe... I just realized, as I looked back at her blog, that I bought the wrong sauce.  
Mine was hot chili sauce rather than garlic chili sauce...  they had the same rooster on the bottle and I was just going off of visual memory! Oops!]

 [we eat this a lot, but I thought I would share any way]

[I drive an hour to eat this at the Golden Moon... who knew it was so simple?!]

[I am sure there are real recipes out there that would taste more authentic... but these were easy-- I had everything on hand, and so yum!]

[another thanks to Nicolle]

 [the picture gives this no justice.  We ate it tonight... and it was soooo good!]

[There are probably a million calories in it... but worth it!]

 [my favorite soup.  Thanks to my FIL for the recipe... If Lance would eat it, we would have it weekly]


  1. yes... I see the typos-- but I would have to re-enter it all in picnik. Let's just ignore.


    [I really should stop blogging at midnight!]

  2. oh, and I know the font is small, but if you click the picture-- it becomes larger and easier to read!

  3. All of these look amazing! Thanks for all of the recipes! I've had such an aversion to cooking chicken for some reason this pregnancy. So, I have to make sure if I make anything with chicken, I can just add it shredded from a rotisserie chicken. If you could just cook any of these chicken meals and bring them to my house, I would be greatly appreciative. :)

    Oh, and immediately after I saw the title "fruit salad" I thought of the Nick Jr. jingle....before I read your caption.

  4. Dang girl, I want to cook now! :) I want to make that chicken in the first picture, and your lettuce wraps. I know there is a soy sauce that is low sodium, and I think I'm buying that next time. The green beans can be salty for sure, but man we love them. Also, maybe the hot chili sauce you got is pretty salty??? I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm glad you made the green beans. I've been wanting to try a few new recipes, but potty training and junk like that have been taking up too much of my time. :)

    ps. I LOVE your freezer full of chicken and beef, etc. I thought ours was always full, but you've got me beat. It's nice to always have something you can throw together for a meal.

  5. Me again. You inspired me. I'm in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

  6. Erin... I hated meat in general with Maddox. And the smell of anything cooking was gross to me. I remember one day Lance came home from work and smelled food cooking for the first time in months-- but he was disappointed to see all 4 burners cooking vegetables!!

    Nicolle... we order our meat through a company called Town and Country so it comes 8 months worth at a time. I think it saves us money because I never have the "I have nothing to cook" excuse! (and it is all individually frozen and organic)
    I hope you blog all of your dinners-- as you can see, I copy them!!
    (I made your hashbrown casserole a few months ago-- it was really good too!)

  7. I seriously want to vomit out of ALL of the typos. I am bad about sending before proof reading... and since my S key only works 20% of the time and the D key about 30%-- I often have errors.

    But that CUcumber salad... that needs a cuP of vinegar, it is getting to me the most!!! :|

  8. Okay, I remembered you posting this....I need more information on the meats you buy. I know you get it through a company, but how do I go about getting information on them--like if they deliver where I live?