Thursday, September 15, 2011

baby its cold outside...

well, maybe that's a stretch?!
But it is cool...
and I love fall.

I am not complaining about our hot weather.
Summer is actually my second favorite season...

But I am ready for a change.

I am ready for:
our annual visit to the pumpkin patch
Big Train chocolate chai (or vanilla or spiced... but chocolate is my favorite)
a blanket and a book on the front porch
crockpot greatness 
the Alliance air show
mom's cooking 
dressing up the boys to Trick-or-treat
a date night (or two)
a girl's night
chicken and dumplings
walks in the jogging stroller (or dare I jog, with the jogging stroller)
play time at the park
layered clothing
cinnamon-apple-caramel-cozy scents
candy corn
loaded baked potato soup, tortilla soup, taco soup, jalapeno cheese soup, stew
pumpkin carving
grilling out
windows open
roasted marshmallows
camping!  (in an RV of course!!)
autumn colors-- red, orange, yellow-- natural from God
fresh air
cuddling up
falling leaves
a trip to the zoo (on 1/2 price day)

I love fall.


  1. I love fall too. I think if I made a list, everything here would be on mine! :) I just feel renewed in this cooler weather. I can breathe again!

  2. I used to hate Fall. My Birthday is right after the Summer weather is completely gone {most years} and I always just wanted a swimming party {as a kid}. Now, however, Fall is my favorite and it's actually a Birthday *present*. :)

    By the way, I would love to have the recipe for jalapeno cheese soup. Uhhh....yummm!

  3. Me too me too on the jalapeno cheese soup....I'll be your best friend!

    I love fall I tried pumpkin pie ice cream and it was to die for!

  4. I just wing it... so you can play around with it!
    But here goes::
    Slice a small onion and dump it into a big chunk of butter with some garlic salt and cook until soft. (I think that's called a rue) Pour in a large container of chicken broth and a large can or pulled/ boiled chicken. chunk up a small container of velveeta, a can of rotel, and chop up 5 or 6 fresh jalapenos (remove white part and seeds that contain most of the heat).
    And waa-laa!!

    You can substitute the jalapenos for canned asparagus for a similar soup that's not as hot but really good. :)