Wednesday, September 28, 2011

park play... again.

We went for donuts this morning and tried out a new park.
Well, it is not 'new' but it is new to us.
We typically just go to one of the 3 in our neighborhood...
So this change was fun.

While playing, we noticed a blimp heading to land...
so we popped over to Alliance airport and watched it.

Pop happens to work there, so Maddox got a surprise visit from him too!


  1. I forgot to mention... Maddox was so excited about the blimp-- except he called it a submarine-helicopter!!

  2. Oh dang...we saw the blimp for 2 days now. I want to go see it land. How fun is that?! Boyd called it something funny too, but now I can't remember. That was 2 days ago and my brain is fried. It totally looks like a submarine-helicopter though. Maddox is right!

    Cute pictures of the boys! :))