Monday, September 19, 2011

keep 'em come'n

Beckham went down at like 9:00 last night and was up to feed by 11:00. Maddox was crying by midnight that he needed to potty and I was anticipating a long night.

But hold on to your hats... my hunch was wrong!!

At 5:00am I woke up to silence... surely as a mother, you know that anxious feeling I had in my gut. 
I crept into their room, holding my breath, waiting for that moment I felt Mr-typically-likes-to-munch-every-36-minutes-at-night's back rise and fall. 
After realizing that my baby was still alive, that both boys were still out,  I did a little happy dance and went back to sleep.

The next thing I know, the clock says 8:30 and my house is still silent.
[My chest was about to explode, but both boys were still out!!]

I quietly pumped 8 ounces from one side--
and then broke the golden rule,
I woke a sleeping baby.

He happily relieved the pain from my left side and then his big brother woke up shortly thereafter.

Remember yesterday I said that I needed groceries?
I went for it.

Hey!  I was feeling lucky!

I do believe this was my first time to take both boys shopping alone.
Honestly, I rarely do anything without Lance.
Or at least my mom.

I tucked Beckham into the Baby k'tan, bribed Maddox with a 'wolwy pop'...
and off we went.

Isle after isle, we shopped...
Maddox asked approximately 479 questions... but stayed beside the buggy.
No running off... no asking if we could buy everything in site... no surprise purchases at check out.
Beckham nursed.  (in the k'tan-- hands free-- no nipplage for the strangers)... smiled... and flirted with old women.
No one cried...
Not even me.

Bottom line... we kicked WalMart's butt today.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I realized that I was smiling from ear to ear...
Like a rockstar!

We came home un-loaded groceries and I made this mac and cheese.
Kind of.
I didn't have nutmeg... and I thought it tasted chalky so I did add some Velveeta.
Then I covered it in bread crumbs [actually, they were out of date so I used shake and bake-- don't judge] and I cooked and crumbed bacon on top and baked it.
Lance liked it.
I thought it was okay-- and more work than it was worth.

While I am sharing recipes...
I have to share these nuggets.
Not quite chickfila... but close.
And really good
Anywho... back to my day.
Dinner ready-- 
I had to head out to work.

I love my job.
I love my partner.
I love my unorthodox schedule.
Most of the time.

Tonight, I hated it.
I missed Maddox's first parade.
My high school's parade with my family.
[And we all know I live for that kind of stuff.]
Thankfully Lance took the boys so they didn't have to miss out
And I sent my camera.

Together, we can enjoy the happiness via photos.
And I can tell you how excited my sweet baby was when he called me at work and told me all about it.
[sometimes I could just eat his sweet little face off!!]

Finally, I have to share this picture:
I layed Beckham in his crib, turned Maddox's tv on, tucked him in, read the same flipping story we read every night his Cars book and said our prayers, and Beckham was silent. [asleep I thought]
I left the room and came back about 10 minutes later to check on everyone, and B was attentively watching some Nick Jr.

My word!!
I love that sweet face.

And I loved this great day.
Another one down.
Keep'em come'n!!


  1. Love the post! Its been a while since I've commented and I'm sorry for that. I only check this when I am at work and when I was home with Levi I got very far behind on reading blogs. I just read through them as fast as I could to catch up and that didn't leave time for many comments! I had a lot to say though. As always I love your blogs.

    What the heck is a k'tan? I've never seen anything that allowed a mommy to nurse hands free walking through walmart grocery shopping. Must be a cool invention!

    Love the parade pictures. Your sister looks like one proud aunt to all those babies. Such a great picture of them!

    I love watching those boys grow! I see the milestones that Beckham is making and look forward to Levi accomplishing those too...since he's only a few months behind.

    I hope one day to meet you guys and let the kids play! Now that Kristen is closer we should plan a weekend....

  2. Beckham is giving your sister some big time lovin'! Too cute. It stinks when you have to miss little things like this...but I'm sure is was good for dad to be in charge...and have that time with the boys. Lance did a pretty good job with the picture too! Such a cute one of Maddox from behind waving.
    Glad you got caught up on some sleep...and it was a great day!

  3. I can see you smiling as you leave the grocery store. Way to go! Today I did NOT leave the store smiling. grrrrr.

    That last picture is more precious than words can describe. Oh my. He is a sweetie pie!

    Maddox looks cute in his pictures, but I'm so sorry you missed the parade. :(

    I'm glad it was a good day all around though! Yay for good days!

  4. One of my biggest fears is the grocery shopping with two kiddos. Macie will be 4 by then, so hopefully it won't be as horrific as I'm imagining.

    You will have to "teach" me how to nurse a baby in a sling....and I'm guessing I need a k'tan? I'm making my list, so anything baby you can't live without please let me know what it is!

    That really stinks that you didn't get to go to the parade, but at least your hubby took the boys and your family was there. That's so sweet that you got an excited phone call about it...and I'm sure it was a really thorough description. :)