Monday, September 26, 2011


5 months 4 days

  • laughing, screaming, cooing
  • rolling and inching his way all around the room on his belly
  • sleeps 5-6 hours on his first stretch, then feeds every 24 seconds from there (however, last night, he slept over nine hours!)
  • [sadly] loves the tv, he will wiggle into the perfect position to see it while nursing.
  • he adores his brother, by just Maddox walking into a room, he laughs or kicks his feet.
  • He gives big, open-mouthed, slobbery kisses-- pulls your hair or ears to pull you in for the smack
  • He chews on everything
  • We recently discovered he can drink from a sippy cup
  • He naps 3 times a day, usually.  Sometimes 4.
  • He likes to be put in his crib, on his belly, binky in mouth and left alone to sleep
  • He has tried bananas, pears and green beans.  He hates cereal.  
  • His newest trick: he has learned to spit/ blow bubbles.  
  • Now he can sit up, but doesn't stay up long.
  • His eyes are brown now.  (just like his mommy said they would be)  ;)
  • And though sometimes he resembles his brother (who looks just like me), I think he still looks like his daddy.
  • My favorite thing about this age::  nursing him.  I love the cuddled up closeness we have while feeding and (if you don't/didn't nurse it may sound strange) I love to watch his little jaw move so rhythmically and they way he stares into my eyes a if I am the only person he knows to adore on this earth.  He plays with my necklace while feeding and I love when he will smile, inevitably pouring milk all over me, but for no reason at all other than it is one of his only way to communicate at this point.

3 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

  • Can ID all of his letter and their sounds, shapes, and can count to 17.
  • Can spell his name (recite the letters, not write)
  • knows his address (minus the zip code)
  • never stops jumping, climbing or flipping.
  • Is always talking or asking questions.  (even in his sleep)
  • naps once a day, most days-- and starts the night in his bed but 9/10 times is in mine by morning.
  • loves anything Toy Story, or Cars.
  • loves playing outside or inside with his matchbox cars
  • Is obsessed with his daddy lately and is always talking about him or by his side
  • Loves chocolate milk, go-gurt, raisins, string cheese and Cars fruit snacks.  He would eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for every meal if we would let him.  (and sometimes I do)
  • He is so intelligent, and floors me daily, if not hourly, with his brilliance!  [spoken like a true mother ;)] I know I wrote this on FB, but I want to remember it::  He asked me how the red lights on the stroller wheel light up.  When I said, "I'm not sure buddy?" (out of laziness) and he responded, "probably just the sun hits them and reflects the light."
  • he is hilarious. 
  • He loves Beckham.  He kisses him, cuddles him and tells him he is "perfect".  He is very protective of him.
  • My favorite thing about this age::  his compassion.  He loves to give kisses and hugs and never has a problem expressing his love for me or others.  He isn't old enough to lie yet or act mean for the sake of doing it, and is still baby enough to need me and my love.  However he is old enough to accomplish most things on his own and doesn't require my constant attention as much now.  I have heard horror stories about 3, and so far it has not been bad. We have bad days, jut like every other stage, but we either adapt and overcome or we toss that day in the trash and start new again tomorrow.


    1. Your pictures are so good Holly! LOVE the one of the boys together laughing! Also the one of Beckham peeking over the sink (or tub) and the one of Maddox jumping off the bed....awesome! Three is such a fun age.

    2. What fun pictures! I can't wait for Macie to have her baby sister so we can have "sister" moments like your "brother" ones.

      Yes, your boys look a LOT alike, but I agree that Maddox favors you and Beckham looks like his daddy. That's so fun for y'all!

    3. I think I want to comment on each of these photos, they are all so adorable. I love the one of Beckham in his green onesie, that 2nd photo. And the one of Maddox with his chin resting on the table. Your boys are so very cute! Wait, the very last picture is so great. I mean, both of them smiling and looking at the doesn't get better than that.

      I say the age of 3 has been hard for us at times, but just because sometimes I think Boyd doesn't have enough of an outlet for his energy. I really try not to listen to those who repeat "horror" stories. Like you said, if it's a bad day, you just start over in the morning.

      Loved this post!