Monday, September 5, 2011


By dropping my class, I have cleared my mind...
putting playing first... and chores, and computer-time behind that.

I went to bed crying last night.

I am always honest on here...
The good, the bad, the happy, the sad....
and every emotion in between

Today I am happy.

my husband.
my boys.
baby bellies
slobbery kisses
giggly nights
molasses mornings
night time prayers
playing at the park
fall weather
surprise TOMS from my hubby
snuggle babies
a new recipe that works
hot chocolate chip cookies with freezing cold milk
holiday call pay
clean sheets
fluffy warm towels- drenched in Snuggle and Gain
2 hours away from the house, dinner-date with my man
cozy scents
my cousin moving next door, and playmate for my boy
sweet tea
lazy days
breastfeeding my bum bum
and letting him try food, per the new recommendations.
side walk chalk
brown eyes
cutie pies.
My aunt Monica coming to town,
my BFF's milk coming down.
The Help.
Plans to see Motherhood the Musical.
A one-day work week.
Enough love to fill the ocean,
packed into a small house, I call home.
A hot bath with tiny toes and fingers wiggling under the door.
Dancing in the car.
peach-sherbet freeze surprises from Chanda.
hair appointment on Thursday
Looking up scripture with Lance
And knowing that these days aren't even the best days yet.


  1. This post made me HAPPY to read it. Such a good life. Your pictures are fantastic! LOVE the collage of you and your boys! You did a great job of capturing that brotherly love too! So sweet. The close ups in that collage of Beckham are adorable...both your boys are.

  2. SWEET pictures of your babies! :))

    I'm glad you dropped the class and are feeling relieved about it. You know when something doesn't make you happy, and you know how to deal with it! That's wonderful.

    I love your happy list of things!