Sunday, September 18, 2011

I love days like today.

...And yesterday.
...And the day before that.

I have not done a thing.
I have not fixed my hair
or worn makeup...
ironed a single article of clothing
or worn a bra for that matter!
[Gotta' love those nursing tanks]

I am still so tired...
[are we sure my baby is almost 5 months and not 5 weeks?!]
...someone tell me there is light.  Tell me I will have energy again one day.
Tell me my left arm will stop hurting.
These are the things I need to hear.

I wish it were still cool here.
My fall decor on the inside tricked me into thinking it wasn't back to 184 degrees outside again
But I won't complain about the heat...

We had rain.
 [not a much as some of our friends... but we will take what we can get!]

We made a racetrack in the living room.
[actually it was a ramp... we raced our cars down it]
I have to share this video-- ignore the pestering of me to my husband
and Maddox's excited shrill-squeal, but pay attention to the victory-dance at the end!

We watched football.
Maddox said, "Always remember, FLICK 'EM HORNS!"
Lance use to correct him, now he lets it go!

I made a fall wreath.
For $1.
[not the cutest you've seen, but admit it... you'd happily pay $2 for it!]

I fall'ed-up the window seat with the stuff I have here.
I think it is cuter in person.
[or maybe not... but its all I have to work with]

We had dinner with my FIL.
oh.  I did wear makeup to dinner.
And a bra.

I cuddled my doodle-drop.
[obviously there was some cuddling to both boys... I just have no pictures of the big one!] 

The boys cuddled each other.
Beckham loves Maddox.
Maddox can walk into the room, and Beckham's legs start kicking 800 mph.
In bed (where we all end up by morning) B will roll to Maddox and prod, poke and coo until he finally opens his eyes and kisses him.
And he wants to touch him before going back to sleep.
I didn't realize that I would feel so much joy from the interaction from the two so early on,
it is the best.
  And I swear, they are already best friends!

Lots of play time this weekend.
[it is what we do best.] 

And we may have had a visit from a super hero.
...even though he cried when Lance told him to 'take it to his room'.
He said, "But Daddy!!  There's no audience in there!"
[unfortunately, he had already removed his cape when I took this picture!]

Beckham figured out how to move the jeep.
He doesn't have the crazy-love for it that Maddox had...
but it is no longer stationary.

Maddox did a little homework.
[some little 'assignments' I found at Dollar Tree]
He did well.
Until he got tired and sloppy and I marked a wrong one with a red x.
I found him in his room, later, with a white crayon trying to color over my x.
He wanted a new one to start over.
He asked me, "why would you ever do that?"
He is his mother's child.

I need to grocery shop in a bad way.
But why would I jack up a good weekend?!
I dreamed about buying a huge tub of country crock.
[We are out of butter, and apparently I am worried about it]

And today I had an unquenchable sweet tooth.
But with no butter... or cake mix... my eggs are probably out of date... I couldn't make anything.
So I went to Sonic.
At 9:30 at night.
In my pjs [no bra]
I am now enjoying the greatest root beer float of my life!
It was totally worth the beetle that flew in my opened window and wrapped its stickily little tentacles around my finger causing me to scream in the order-thing and throw my phone.
100% worth it.

Now that my sweet tooth is fulfilled.
I am off to bed.
good night.


  1. P.S.
    The answer is no. Maddox never wears clothes at home.
    Again, he is his mother's child! ;)

  2. LOL I am dying over the super hero suit!!! I love it!

    And I totally understand the feeling you get when the boys interact with eachother- I got googly looking at the picture of them in the bed. SOOOO sweet! Nothing makes my heart more happy when I see my girls hug on eachother. :)

    I'm loving that you made that wreath for $1!!! That's great! I've got a ton of stuff pinned on pinterest. I'm doing our budget in a minute--- maybe I'll have a little left over this week to start actually putting some of my pins into action! haha

    Miss you!!!

  3. Such a sweet sweet picture of your boys snuggling. Your wreath is super cute- and only a rock! Maddox with his goggles reminds me of when Brady wore his orange goggles (came with a weed wacker, I think) all the time! Brady would never let me take a picture of him in his underwear though...darn, because goggles AND underwear makes for a great picture! And one last come only the skinny girls can get a rootbeer float at 9:30 at night...and still stay skinny?! Just not fair!

  4. LOVE: the rain, your wreath, the underwear on Maddox's head, bra-free and no make-up days!, your boys' smiles.

    I agree with you, grocery shopping majorly jacks up a good weekend. :)