Sunday, October 30, 2011

the key to parenting

Sometimes I think the key to parenting
has nothing to do with how much you teach them.
With how many crafts you do together...
with how many cool places you take them...
How much discipline you try and instill...
With how many hugs you give...
or I love yous you say.

Sure, I think that is all important...

but at the end of the day.
I think I have mastered parenting,
on that particular day--
when I know I have made them feel significant.


Not a burden.

Sounds so simple when it is written down...
but often times I try and get my stuff done,
so that we can get on to the fun stuff...
but instead my list gets longer...
I have one more thing to do.
I want some me-time.
I check Facebook, Blogger or Pinterest...
or it is time for work...
and I am hurrying again.
I have to remember that the house can wait...
my chores can wait...
The boys are growing daily.

The entire world will try and knock them down at some point,
and pure-human nature of others will try and tell them who they are suppose to be.

Eventually they will have to conform to what's normal.
To the rules of the rest of the world.
One day they will realize that everyone in the world doesn't see exactly what I do.

For now they are mine.
To mold and love and adore.

I have 3 years left, before Maddox goes to school.
Though we are poor, I am so thankful that I get to be here and spend my days with the boys.
And Lance is here, when I am not.

For us, this works.
It isn't the best plan for everyone....
I am simply just reminding myself what's important.
Right now.

I will never have this job down perfect.
But the fact that I think this much about it
or care to improve,
has to mean something.

And at the end of the day....
Every single day...
I hope my boys know that they are amazingly-wonderfully-unconditionally-individually-loved.

And in my opinion, that is they key to parenting.


  1. You hit the nail on the head, big time. I love every word you wrote here! BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

  2. eeeesh I could squeeze those boys! They are so adorable! Nice words. Perfect.