Friday, October 21, 2011

simple friday

Today we just took it easy.
[aka:: I avoided laundry like the plague!]  ;)

Maddox and I made lunch together...
[he eats so much better when he helps prepare it]

The quiet is soon to be ending however, because we have big plans for the weekend!

We are staying the night with my mom tonight...
[tomorrow is my weekend-day to work, mom keeps the boys while I go in for those few hours]

And my brother's kids are coming over too...
[also spending the night... they will have so much fun playing together:: I still cherish the memories of playing with my cousins.]

Tomorrow Lance is going to the World Series...
[I am so excited for him to mark this off of his bucket list... I will most likely spend my night doing laundry, but it doesn't change my excitement for him]

It is also Beckham's 1/2-way-to-one day!
[6 months already?!  ...I better do a milestone update]

Sunday we are going to the Alliance Airshow.
[watching comfortably from the Bell Helicopter tent... without Lance, who could not get off of work... but with the extra hands of my parents.  Because Lord knows, I'd never dare it alone!]

Hope your weekend is fantastic!


  1. Brady and Maddox have the same shirt...their moms must have the same good taste!

    Wow, how exciting for Lance to go to the World Series! Hope you guys have fun at the air show and with the cousins!

  2. Love the pictures. Maddox looks like he is loving that ice cream cone. Boyd smiles a ton, but it seems like I rarely catch a smile on camera. Your photos are always so great. Your lunch looks delicious.

    I am SO excited for Lance going to the World Series. So fun!

    We always get our camping spots for the races the weekend before the races, and last year we were able to sit out there and watch the air show. Then the night we went trick or treating, the Blue Angels and Fat Albert flew home, right over our neighborhood and we were so thrilled to see it all. Have fun this weekend!

  3. Oh and happy 1/2 birthday Beckham. How is that even possible?! :)