Sunday, October 9, 2011

the weekend

I was on call.
It wasn't bad,
and the boys participated well.

I made Tomato Basil Soup for dinner.
The cheaters version.
And Italian grilled cheese.

This is the easiest thing in the world to make...
no where near healthy,
but incredibly good.  

In case you care, here is a 10 minute dinner.
1 large Ragu (chunky), 1/2 of the heavy whipping cream, and about a TBSP Italian seasonings.
[I cooked frozen meatballs in the oven for Lance to add to his]
butter your bread just like you would for a regular grilled cheese except sprinkle a little garlic salt and Italian seasoning on it and use smoked provolone in the middle.
[You could definitely use fancy bread or whatever cheese you like.]
Whip the other 1/2 carton of heavy whipping cream in your good ol kitchenaid, add sugar until sweet.
Finely chop a snicker and chunk up a green apple.
[you will thank me]

Friday night ran late.
My sister came over and we stayed up until 1:00am,
organizing and pricing for our community garage sale.
Beckham was up at 2:00 and 5:00 to feed.
Our alarm was set for 6:00 to rock and roll.

Garage sale. 
--garage smell.
It was a bust.

We only made about $150 between us and my sister.
I have said before that I am no garage sale specialist, but I think we priced everything low.
kids shirts and onesies: 50 cents
Kids pants $1
adult shirts $1-$2
dresses and jeans $3

I am not cut out for the sport because I take it all so personal.
I take care of my stuff.
I have nice things.
I have memories of my babies in these outfits or playing with these toys...
No one cares.

I literally gave things away because it made me feel better than to take the insult in pay.
maybe that's why we didn't make anything?!
Now this little tyke...
I gave him that guitar because he was too cute!!
He wanted it and his momma told him no...
I said yes!
And I got a hug  and a smile for it!!
[I asked for this picture for my blog]

I bet I re-folded the clothes 18 times.
A group ran off with our coats.
It was such a hassle.

Lance was big help with the garage sale--
right up until the game came on.
And he left me with Allison...
who will always keep me laughing,
[she found Lance's old autographed-party-hat!]
but would literally sell my car for 50 cents if it was offered.

I think in the future, I will just work a Saturday morning in the office--
About the same money for far less work and aggravation! 

We wrapped things up around 1:00
and layed down for a family nap.

Maddox had played hard since early in the morning with the neighbor boys,
and my aunt came by and took him to chickfila for lunch.
He needed a nap.
We all did.

4:00 we left for Lance's work picnic.
We had such a great time!
I won a set of drinking glasses in Bingo,
Maddox, a set of Crayola finger paint. [which have already found the top of the closet]
There were BBQ, door prizes, a balloon toss, trail riding, bounce houses, petting zoo, carnival-type games,  pony rides, punt-pass-and-kick contests... and much more..

We stayed in bed until 10:30.
Lance went and got us donuts.
[you know it is true-love, when he never neglects a 2nd stop for your Hershey bar!]
I made lettuce wraps for lunch and am excited about our plans for nothing today.
There isn't anything in my book that tops no plans and being home. 
With my family.
On the couch.



Trying to ignore the mess Maddox is making.

Football on the tv...

Rain outside the window.

Cool weather, and lots of snuggling.

Unfortunately it is a bye week for the Cowboys and our TX Rangers were postponed.

But we will make do!

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. All I can think about is that donut!! in the world are you so skinny? It's not fair! I have never seen such a concoction...but it sure looks good!

    Just want you to know that I read ALL of your posts...but blogger wouldn't let me comment on the last few. I would type up my comment and hit post and it would disappear. It was happening on several blogs...and driving me crazy! I figured out if I sign out...then I am able to comment. Weird!

  2. That dessert with the apple and cream and snickers...omg. I am going to have to try that. I LOVE your easy tomato soup too. I never thought of that! Love all of your pictures, always. Your posts make me smile. I tried doing a garage sale with a neighbor a couple of years ago....i hated every second of it! :))