Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the missing piece

Yesterday sucked.
End of story.

Moving on.

Today Lance and I unloaded my parents cattle trailer.
[we had moved our stuff from the storage building into it while moving out of the farm house.]
It was work.
But it was fun!

Digging through crap that I still have no idea why we kept for the last 10 or 20 years anyway...
laughing at Lance's over-pricing of our garage sale junk--
finding old pictures of us-- our river trips we use to take with our friends every year-- our high school days-- Prom pics-- letters from Lance's sister to him-- cards-- you know...
But fun junk.
Sentimental junk.
Our chests!
Cheerleading uniforms and football signs.

I plan on scanning some of the pictures I found today-- but I'll probably put them on FB.
For now--
I have to share the best part of all--

I found my lost ring!!!

I hate to lose things...
I can not stop thinking about them.
I get a bit obsessive, actually.

I don't have a ton of jewelry.
Well, that's a lie.
I have a ridiculous amount of cheap-fun-junk-cutesy stuff...
but only a few real pieces.
That either cost a lot
or have meaning...
I forgot to list a ring my FIL bought me.
It was the JLo replica (remember when people had those)
except mine is white gold and some pink stone.
It was real.  Just not a pink billion dollar diamond like hers.

I feel like a tiny hole was filled today by finding that ring...
It is dumb to be this happy over that.
But I am.
I am giddy!

The studs may be worth giving up on...
Since I can't remember having them since we lived in our apartment...
but I think about them a lot.
And miss them.

The ring had only been missing since February.
[I remember wearing it during the snow]
And now it is found!!
I love that ring.
It looks vintage and fun.
And now you love it too! ;)

...So if only I could find my studs?!
My jewelry hunt could be complete.



  1. Oh man.
    I forgot to mention my Silpada ring from Lance.
    It wasn't that expensive but he jumped through hoops to get the exact one I wanted and surprise me with it without me finding out.
    It is chunky and fun and I wear it a lot too.
    I love it.

  2. I love that ring, it's beautiful! I'm so glad that you found it. I lost one that my parents gave me for graduation. I still don't know the exact day I remember it was gone. I just know I started looking for it one day and it wasn't there. It's such a mystery to me, and now that my dad is gone, if I think about it for too long, it makes me really sad.

    Anyway, I love those trunks, and I love looking back on old, funny memories!

  3. Okay, my MIL definitely painted your trunk. :)

    I'm so glad you found your ring! That always makes for a great day.

    I have a missing piece of jewelry that I cry about when I think about it being lost. It's the very first necklace my dad's dad bought for my aunt (his only daughter). She gave it to me at my baby shower for Macie because she was never able to have children of her own and thought I would like having it for Macie. I had intentions of putting it into a shadow box, but it got lost when we moved from Stephenville to Granbury. :( My cousin lives in the house in Stephenville now and I'm always hoping he calls me to tell me that he found it.

  4. Erin:: You are right on! She made me the trunk as a graduation present! It has been perfect for my HS paraphernalia!!

    Now I am even sad about your necklace... I hope it turns up. (even more than my studs.)

    Nicolle:: you too. I HATE to lose things like that!!