Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekend update [on a Wednesday]

The airshow was canceled.
Which was good.

We needed the rest.

Friday we stayed the night at mom's.
We got there late but that didn't stop the non-stop playing between the kiddos.

Pop made breakfast and then took the big kids all over the land the next day on the golf cart...
You know they ate it up.

And Beckham got some lovey-time with Gigi.
And watch the big kids go 90-to-nothing.

I worked Saturday morning, ran for diapers and then rushed back to mom's to scoop up my babies and get to Haslet.

Because Saturday, Lance had the opportunity to mark off something from his bucket list.

Go to a World Series game.

To make it even better...
It was his team playing.
And besides the folks who went for free, somehow...
he had the cheapest seat in the house.
Probably the most comfortable seat too.
All he could eat, or drink.
On a balcony in center field.
Fifty bucks.
He was dropped off by his beautiful wife ;) and picked up by his sweet sister-in-law, so he could devour responsibly.

He was so ency, nervous and excited on our drive in...
I don't know that I have seen him like that since our wedding day.
(I honestly think the birth of our children was less nerve-racking)

I would venture to call it one of the greatest days of his life...
But they lost.
It was his red shirt's fault.
He knew it.

Back at home, Maddox and I watched for daddy on tv.
We made cookies...
My cousin Amber came over.  [yay for being neighbors!]
And I transformed my little Maddox-- into the character he has been asking to be for months.

I literally rented the movie from Red Box, one night, during our moving process 3 months ago.
He watched it twice.
Never talked about it anymore.

Until we started asking what he wanted to be for Halloween...
and then consistently, he has said Gnomeo.

The purchase-able costumes were red.
Maddox would tell me...
"that's not Gnomeo, he's blue."
So what's a girl to do??  Turn to hot glue.
I think I made out cheaper any who...

And it is cute.  [enough]

I am still trying to decide if Beckham is going to be a gnome too...
or if he will be a bear.
(a costume we have on hand from when Maddox was a baby)

Last night, I let my baby boy go to a fall festival at church with my Aunt Missy.
I'm a bit of a helicopter mom, so this is big.

I had to work, or I would have been right along beside them.

But from what I hear, he and Kyleigh (my cousin Amber's daughter) had a blast!

Today, we are going to Dallas to pick up our 2 night, 3 day FREE stay at Great Wolfe Lodge.
[after being beat down by a 90 minute spill]
Worth it though, I hope.
I talked my husband into this...
It better be worth it or I will never hear the end of it!


  1. You are so creative....that's one of the cutest Halloween costumes ever...and I don't even know who Gnomeo is! I think you should make a red one for Beckham!

  2. Okay, can Beckham's take on "Blue Steel" get any cuter in the 3rd picture?? Love.

    That costume is awesome and I agree Beckham should be a gnome, as well...if you have the time and energy to make another. :)

  3. Your mom is so cute! I LOVE the Gnomeo costume. Very, very creative and fun. I thought of you when I heard the air show was canceled on Sunday, but I'm glad you were ok with it. That stinks that Lance was at a game where they at least they are up in the series now. I can't wait for the game tonight! :)