Thursday, October 27, 2011


Beckham is six months old.
Where has time gone?

I honestly feel like he should be 2 months old... maybe 4... but definitely not six?!?!

Here is where we are at within the last month::
  • His belly scooting has progressed to full-fledged army crawling and he is all over the house.  Room to room... you won't lose that boy!
  • He can drive the jeep [walker] like it is stolen.  Back and forward... whip it around corners... and maneuver it through the hall around the trunk.
  • He is a chunk.  A grade-A fatty-patty.  He is still mostly munching on booby milk but we have introduced many foods to him and cereal is still the only one he refuses.  [I have all the supplies to make my own baby food, I am just a bit over-whelmed by the idea at this point so he either eats off of our plate or from good 'ol Gerber, thus far]
  • He gets on to his hands and knees and rocks, so we know he is close, however-- he has not mastered 'real' crawling yet.
  • He can sign 'milk' and Maddox is working hard to teach him 'mommy' and 'daddy' in sign language also.
  • You know he is tired when he starts rolling like a crocodile.  He likes to be placed in his crib... on his belly... binky in mouth... snuggy by his face... and left alone.  [although sometimes I fight him just to pacify my need to snuggle a sleeping baby from time to time]
  • He really only takes a binky when he is sleeping... or very tired.  And he is specific to one special binky from my friend Chanda.  [which just so happens to cost over $5 a piece]
  • He smiles a lot and laughs a lot too.  Although his laugh sounds more like snorting.  
  • He loves to take baths and splash around.
  • He adores his big brother.
  • He is wearing 9 month and some 12 month clothes!!
  • We just had to buy diapers for the first time (the nice thing about the 2nd one is the amount of diapers you get as gifts) and he wears a size 3.  He pees so much however, I have to fork up the money for Pampers or else he pees out onto his pjs.  [$50 for a case!!]
  • He still refuses to sleep longer than 3 hours at night.  His mommy hasn't slept in 6 months.  She's tired.
  • He loves to look at himself in the mirror.
  • He will get whip-lash at the sound of my voice.  Definitely a mommy's boy.
My 3 year old.

Obviously doesn't change month to month... and I don't want to keep repeating his letter sounds, and spelling his name, etc... so I'll give you a few Maddox-isms.
  • When I am leaving for work each day, he stands in the garage-- waves-- and yells, "remember me!" over-dramatically as if it were a scene in Titanic.
  • He recently told Lance he was about to head north to the south pole.
  • I hear myself in him when he answers me with, "absolutely" or "fantastic". 
  • The neighbor-boy told us he was going to be Justin Beiber for Halloween and Maddox proudly told him he was going to be Gnomeo.  A few days later, while laying in bed, Maddox said, "I still don't know why Robby wants to be a fever?"
  • He is a fabulous magician.  I should post a video... "ladies and gentlemen, boys and grills..."
  • I will be sad when he says 'girls' correctly.  Or when he pronounces his Ls as the L sound, rather than W.  Or when 'yesterday' stops sounding like "yeestherday".
  • His favorite color is green.  And his favorite number is 3.  [just like Daddy's]
  • Everyday, when he gets a fruit snack, he saves a red one for Lance.  Usually he doesn't even say anything about it, I will just see it on Lance's nightstand or next to his cap.  He is a big-time daddy's boy right now.
  • He got his first watch yesterday. [Lance is a shoe watch freak] It is Toy Story.  [anyone who knows my hatred of character-stuff, knows this is big. I even looked at a pair of Yo Gabba Gabba Vans yesterday... they are only little once, right?!  I am slowly letting go!]
  • I have to share this painting Maddox did a couple of weeks ago.  I posted it on FB, but I wanted to share here.  Maddox was painting along, and he said, "Oh man, I messed it up."  I replied, "no you didn't buddy, it looks perfect" to which he responded, "momma... [paused sadly] I made Woody look like Dora."   --Touche'  


      1. I will be sad when Boyd pronounces girls correctly as well....he says grills, and I LOVE it, and I hate it when Kevin corrects him. :)

        LOVE that picture that Maddox painted, and especially what he said about it. That is hilarious.

        That photo of Beckham is a keeper. How precious. Both photos are adorable! I'll say it a million times, I love your boys' smiles!

      2. Oh that Maddox is FUNNY! Remember me! Too cute!
        I so miss the toy story days...they last a couple years around here.
        I have a momma's boy too...since day one. It's the best!
        Next thing you'll be planning Beckham's first birthday! :)

      3. Cori and Maddox sound a lot a like. She can't say girl either....instead it comes out Gal. She does the "Ladies & Gentlemen, the show is about to start" and puts on "play" for us, which is usually a mixture of all her songs. This makes me want to post things about her....she is so funny! I too, do not like character things either....but my mom refuses NOT to buy her that stuff. So, all the Dora shoes, shirts, and backpacks stay at her house for play time hehe. Your boys are adorable, Holly!!