Wednesday, September 29, 2010

cleaning out!

The biggest issue with this house is the lack of storage space.  Cabinets and closets are small and sparse.
In Maddox's closet, the only bar to hang clothes on was like 15" long.  It ran from the door side of the closet to the back of the closet --rather that length wise, with the closet... Weird, huh?!
Maddox's clothes have been in boxes in his room because I had no where to hang them.

Lance night, I was frustrated with the fact that I have to dig for an hour to find something that fits him, and leave the rest of the boxes in shambles after my exploring...
So last night, Lance hung me a bar, and I went to organizing!

I should say:  This kid had a lot of clothes last year.  A lot.

So I sent Po a message, and went to boxing goods.  I wonder if it makes me selfish that the only person I am willing to give his clothes to is my friend Po?
Not to tell their business, but they don't hurt in any way, and her kids are always dressed cute.
I don't pass them to her every time because I think she needs help buying clothes, I pass them to her because I am selfish I guess!
 She borrowed my pregnancy clothes and got them all back to me as soon as she was done, all in good condition, and I think she threw in a few pieces for me as well!
 She is finished having children, so I know that she will give theses back to me if our 2 (or 3) is another boy, and I don't have to worry about them going through 2 sets of knees before they are back to me!

So here it is:

That is 10 pairs of shoes.  9 pairs of pants.  6 short sleeve shirts. and FIFTY FIVE long sleeve tops.  (including sweaters, coats, jackets, sweatshirts, etc). And one binky.  (that he found again!)

After pulling all of this out, I started thinking...
My friend Candace always does the JBF sale both times a year, and says between both of her kiddos, typically pulls in $450 in each sale.  She uses that money to buy new clothes for the upcoming season.  I thought, WOW!  That is a great idea!
If I sold all 80 items at $5 a piece (obviously some would me more, others less) that's $400 in my pocket!! 
I may start moving towards that route next season!

Another perk to my organizing, is I found a couple of pair of 2T Gap jeans and a few pair of wind pants that aunt Jenn had handed down of Dane's that will fit this winter.  I have already bought 3 pair of jeans (because he is super-difficult to fit being so tall and skinny-- when I find some that fit, I buy them) and I think he can still wear 2 of the Gap 18-24mo jeans from last season for a little while.

Next I need to get him some long sleeve shirts and I think we will be set for fall!

Here's to a good day to you, blogging world....
We are off to our OB appointment here in a bit.
I always get nervous and pessimistic before these appointments, so keep me in your prayers.

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