Monday, September 27, 2010

little of this and that...

A friend of mine from high school (Kylie) made one of these for her little boy's 2nd birthday.  I thought it was adorable!!  She gave me the website and I have had a blast messing around with it!  It is free and a lot of fun so I thought I would share it with my blogg'n mommas!
The website is
You want to read the faq's before you begin.  (It'll show you haw to keep words together with the ~, and how to make words bigger than others by writing that word multiple times)
It is also helpful to make it in Word first and then copy/paste it over so that is is easy to adjust and you don't lose anything as you go back and forward.
Here is an example of one I made.
I realized, 20 minutes into this, that my printer isn't hooked up so I hope you can still get the idea with this pic of my computer screen?!
You can change up the layout, color scheme, etc:

Of course my wheels are turning trying to think of all the things I could make these for!!

Another thing I have been meaning to pass along is the website
It has clothes, shoes and accessories for a discounted price.  Some are awesome savings-- some not so much.  But I have fun looking for deals, so you may too.  Lance now wears Spy sunglasses rather than Oakley. On this website, they are $40-$80 rather than $100-$150...
Just food for thought with Christmas nearing...

I have to get on my Christmas shopping ASAP.... I need ideas?!
Most everyone I buy for has everything they need so I would like to think of something personal, not costly to make or put together that has thought and meaning.
Last year I got all of the grandmas robes and slippers and had their grandma name embroidered onto them....  my aunt always makes homemade Kahlua or wine and orders specialized stickers for the bottles, they are super cute if you want to steal the idea, but that's her niche; not mine to steal! ;)

I have been wearing my hair curly a lot.  It is easier and quicker...
(I edited out all 642 'blemishes' to my face for your safety... its rough to look at!)

I am ready for fall cooking...
Baking, and comfort food!
A couple of friends have sent me some crockpot recipes already.  Feel free to send any others if you have any!
My mom is hosting Keeno at her house in December and she asked me to help her plan the menu.  Don't worry, I've already got it planned from drinks to the meal, to dessert.
I am already thinking about our Christmas party too... our tacky sweater fiesta! 
I can't wait.
I love festivities!

Finally I have to tell you a few things about my child.
  1. He talks in Chinese from time to time. (thanks Kai-lan) but we don't have a clue what he is saying?!  My sister has a video of it... I'll see if she can send it to me and I'll put it on here!
  2. Two is all about control.  And the most difficult part for me is allowing him to have some of it.  He is mostly a good boy, who minds me well but like all 2 year olds he pushes the limits looking for what he can control.  To make us all happy, I have to decide what is okay for him to control.  I still make the decisions, and he can not disrespect-- but he may choose to walk when I would rather him ride in the stroller-- or drink juice when I have already made him milk.  Neither hurt anyone, but he gets a small win, allowing me to avoid an 'episode', so in the big picture-- I win!
  3. He has to have his nap.  The world's a better place that way!  
  4. He found a tuperware of binkies in the move and I swear he hid them all over the house.  We don't take them from him (that control thing again) but once he takes it out, we grab it and hide it.  I swear we have hidden 56 of them but he comes up with another one.  Today he had his  big blue hospital one in his mouth!  Hopefully we have rescued them all now... but I am sure he'll pull another from a black hole tomorrow!!
  5. He hates his daddy's work schedule.  He tells me, "I miss my daddy a lot." and tells Lance when he gets home, "I'm so cited you home daddy!"  He made Joe feel 1" tall at Katie's birthday when he asked where Lance was.  Maddox said, "He's at work.  [got a super sad look on his face] I miss him a lot."
  6. He has his daddy's mischievous smile.  Twice now, he has stood up in the bath tub and grinned at me with that look that his daddy has patented, and peed in my lap!!! 
  7. Speaking of pee, we rarely ever have tee-tee accidents anymore, but we rarely ever poop entirely in the potty either.  He will start pooping in his underwear and then yell, "help mommy-- I'm pooping!!"  But yesterday he told me he had to poop, went and climbed on the big potty and took care of business!  He finished and few minutes later said, "I need-a poop a lil more"  and did!  --I was a proud momma!  Go Maddox!
  8. I fell asleep while playing with him a few days ago.  It freaked me out when I woke up because the house was silent and I had no idea I had gone to sleep.  (thanks pregnancy) I found him, also asleep, but naked on the couch!  When we were playing he had underwear so I assumed he must have had an accident somewhere??  When he woke up, I asked him what happened to his underwear?  He said he took them off to go potty.  I said, "in the big boy potty?"  He said, "no, my baseball potty"... my heart dropped.  He never uses that potty and I don't even know where the blue thing that catches the pee is at.  When I dozed off he was actually putting toy trucks and airplanes down into the potty so I was sure we had a huge mess on our hands...
         He is a responsible little pottier!!

We have our 3rd OB appointment on Wednesday.  I am excited for Maddox to hear the heart beat.  I think we are going to film it!
(sure to be posted)

And now that the cat's out of the bag, I can share:  Kimberly is also pregnant!!!!  We are a week apart!  How fun is that?!


  1. Sounds like life is settling down a bit for y'all :) I am so proud of Maddox for doing such a good job with his potty! His baseball potty is too cute!

  2. Maddox is such a cutie! I love the way you parent. I get great ideas from you!