Friday, June 25, 2010

Its Friday....

high one...  We completed our first week of swimming lessons.  Not without a hitch though.  Maddox walks into the pool saying he wants to jump please... which happens to be the last thing we do.  So for 30 minutes we hear, "I un-a jump please" over and over and over.  Him nor Cambrie neither one care much about blowing bubbles into the water, listening to the fishes in the water or being dunked after a blow to the face.
They like toy time however, they like kicking their feet and they like climbing in and out of the pool to jump.  --And they like clinging to us as if they have never been in water before, ever.
Which drives me nuts since Maddox takes a shower with me daily (water pouring over his head) and will blow bubbles all day during his baths and dumps full cups of water over his own head.  grrrr.

high two...  Maddox turns 2 in 2 weeks.  Wowsers.  Time is flying by.  I have been doing party stuff everyday trying to get ready for next weekend.  I redecorated the front door, changed my summer flowers to red, white, and blue and placed flags galore.  I have made toil puff balls to hang from the ceiling and found a string of flags at Hobby Lobby that match his invites pretty close .  (the puff ball idea came straight from Kimberly's brain, and will match Cambrie's outfit to a T) I have made lists on top of lists of things to accomplish before next Saturday, and I think I am on over load.  I hope I actually relax once the day actually arrives.
I told Lance that I almost bought him these shirts to match the theme of the party... would that not have been hilarious?!  Who seriously buys these?!

high three... My mom bought Maddox the movie Cars, and he is obsessed.  He wants to wear his Cars PJs every night!  I hate character clothes (pjs and undies are fine) but I fear we are about to come into the point where he argues over what he wears with me!  I will win this one!
I have to admit it is a good movie... (I've cried twice!)  And he will actually sit and watch it.
[P.S. This is my favorite picture that I have ever edited]

high four... I think I said in a previous post I would stop writing about the mysterious terrible twos that seem to come and go.  --Sorry.  :(
We had a day yesterday. He cried a lot of tears... I cried a lot of tears.  I felt like I was losing this battle called parenthood.  I know God is in control and at times I think he must have a sense of humor.  I know he makes this age so rewarding because it would be tempting to sell him on Craig's List if it were not.  I have to count my blessings... I have to remind myself that we have 100 times as many laughs, smiles, kisses and hugs; we conquer a million more milestones, and we giggle, tickle, wrestle and talk funny voices in the floor WAY more than we have days like yesterday.
But those days are hard.
And tiring.
And make my eyelids look like little shrimps the next day.

I sat in the middle of my bed last night crying and praying aloud for peace and patience, while my child flopped in my floor and screamed.  He did not take a nap yesterday but refused to go to bed.  I think he was too tired to sleep!  (If that is possible?)
Today is better.  Hallelujah!

high five... Lance had to work until almost 1:00am last night.  He made it home around 1:30... And then stayed up another hour offering encouraging words and holding me while I cried, feeling defeated by an almost-two-year-old. I can not sleep until he gets home anyway but I needed to talk last night, which typically would have been fine except I had to be up at 7:00 for a hair appointment with my beautiful and talented sister-in-law in Decatur.  Although I am exhausted right now, I was impressed with all that I was able to tackle before noon today.
  • I got my hair cut and colored and fixed.
  • Lowe's for mulch.  (which I didn't buy since I was in white shorts-- and it looked heavy and messy)
  • Insurance office to pay our dues.
  • Boyd, to Lance's dad's house.
  • Donut store for my boys (Maddox wanted a "supwise")
  • I folded 3 loads of laundry.
  • and cut Lance's hair.  (which, I should add, was a much better experience this time!!)
Go me!
I need a nap!


  1. Maybe we should have a tacky 4th of July shirt party? Maddox would love it.

  2. LOL!! I thought the shirt on the left took the cake by a mile... but Lance thought the one on the right was more disgusting!
    hummmm.... maybe he needs both, for an outfit change after cake?!

  3. OK MISSY! I am taking the time to comment on this.... just because I love you ;-) I read it last night and wanted to comment but didn't have time because Miss Kallie woke up. I like to comment on each of your high fives :)

    1. I can't wait to get miss Kensley in the water with Maddox & Cambrie. I know she'll love it. We've been going to our pool here but it's just the kiddie pool so she doesn't have to wear floaties. It goes to a foot deep. I'm not sure how she'll do in deeper water?

    2.Take pictures of all your decorations... please! I hate that we can't make it to the party. :( And those shirts... LOL.... Stylin'!!! I would LOVE to see Lance in one of those for pictures. Priceless.

    3.Kensley is OBSESSED with Cars too! It's in the DVD in the car and she watches it ALL the time. She always asks for "Cars". We were at a play date the other day and it was at the house of a little boy. He had tons of Cars and Kensley was in heaven. I can say I have never actually WATCHED the movie from beginning to end, but I've LISTENED to it and it sounds good. And since it plays country music every once in a while, it doesn't bother me to just listen to it through the speakers :) (Kensley refuses to wear the headphones)

    4. I am so glad you have Lance there to comfort you. We have had those days too- and I am TERRIFIED that I am going to do the wrong thing. I am feeling, currently, the need to read every discipline book on the market because I haven't read ANYTHING yet. Kensley is really starting to act out and I am scared I am going to wait too long to do something and she is going to be ruined forever! (I know that's not true, but it's just how I feel right now!)

    5. And what a productive day. I saw that today wasn't so productive :( Oh well..... you still have some time before the party- everything will turn out super cute, I'm sure! :) And I am SOOO glad your haircut experience with Lance turned out nice this time around. Although I laughed my butt off reading your blog about the first time you cut it :) I even read it to Kent (as I was hysterically laughing with tears in my eyes). It's just how you tell stories. Kent and I still talk about how we miss hanging out with you two. You could keep us laughing the WHOLE time with stories!

    We'll see y'all soon!

    (How's that for a comment?!) ;-)

  4. Kristen just one-upped my comment.

  5. LOL Kaleb!! you can see, I gave her a little grief as well! (and mom-- who said, "some people just like to read, Holly!"

    As for Kristen... it gives me a little comfort to know you are going through it too. Sometimes I feel like such a failure! How can he be SO good and SO bad. Why can't I find that happy medium?!

    Lance told me the other night-- ignore him. When he does that at home, he gets nothing from us in return so he stops after a minute... next time you are out- stop worrying what everyone else thinks and ignore him. he will stop.

    Well, we had the best Walmart experience since he was in an infant carrier tonight. Who knows if it was just a good day or if it was my changed behavior-- but I hope I am on to something!!

    I'll keep yall updated.

    (and let me know if you like any of the books you find... Dr Hanson gave me the names of a few good ones but I haven't gone to get them yet!)

  6. Hang in there cuz. I know first hand about the "horrifying twos". Whoever named it the "terrible twos" was severely understating the meaning of the words.
    I know it's hard to take advice when all you want to do is cry or leave the state (or country for that matter).
    You are right... God is Good and in Control! Just do what Lance says and walk away. God will set that kid straight. And know that you are not alone. We are all in a fight with those little monsters. Love you!

  7. hey!!! I read your blog! YAY!!! I like the five things (yeah, i a am REALLY behind!) I felt like Katie wasn't getting much out of lessons either untill we got her home and swam with her and she really did learn more than i thought she did! And, you are a great mom and Maddox is a great kid! We all have those days and will continue to have those days! We just need to be more confident in ourselves!