Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day delight

Maddox and I went practical with an electrical razor for Lance's Father's Day gift.
We typically don't do a lot of gifts for these type holidays, usually food and cards and attempts to keep the day about that person as much as possible, is usually how we celebrate.  But Lance has to shave daily because his hair is so thick and black and I have been telling him to get one for a year.  His face bleeds every day and he uses those expensive disposables.  Soooo, when I found a 50% off sale for Father's Day PLUS a $10 coupon... I thought a $100 razor for $40 was too good to pass up!
And Maddox loved watching his daddy unwrap the present he got him!

We celebrated Father's day the next morning with a breakfast at Esperanzas.  It is a delicious Mexican Food place (owned by the Joe T Garcia family, that has SUPER YUMMY breakfast.)  We went for the 1st time last year for my BIL's 30th birthday and it has kind of become a little tradition to celebrate things there at breakfast ever since.

To our surprise there was not a line yet, so lance and I were just there-- an hour early-- with a cranky toddler-- who typically sleeps until 10. We battled it out over the hour, and then had a serious conversation in the bathroom.  [spankings involved].  By the time my SIL's family got there, he leveled out.  He was excited to see and watch Dane (who is always busy) and be mothered by little Landry. (who always showers him with love).

Lance had to go to work that afternoon so breakfast was a way to make his day special, but still keep him on schedule.

We had a great time.  (and I went picture crazy, as always!)

The 2 older kids loved jumping off of the step to their Papa...
Maddox was a little apprehensive!

We spent the rest of the day swimming... (while working-- how's that for multitasking!)
...We went to the cemetery to place flowers on my grandma's grave.  Yesterday would have been her birthday.  She passed away one year ago today.  WOW.  Time flies.

...and we ate my mom's fabulous roast.  Oh how I love home cooking.

...We visited with my cousins.

...And watched our boys... be boys.
They played in the sprinkler...
...and put dirt in each other's hair.

...My sister did my make-up.
...And Maddox's too.  ;)

... and I got to meet my sister's new boyfriend.
[whom I tried to play it cool... with but ended up telling him that we are a family who packs heat at all times-- and that I am an investigator and had already scoped his FB-- and that Al's the baby... to BE CAREFUL.
--moral of the story:  I wasn't cool at all~!]
But he is a really cute kid.  I hope the best for them.  (I'll be watching!!)

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  1. This sounds so like you! I scoped his profile. I was cool with everything but the cow-tippin. Now that's something I didn't think people actually did.. HAHA..