Monday, May 31, 2010

baby talk

it happens so fast.

I wish I had documented each word, phrase or sentence that Maddox had said because I realized recently that he now says everything!

Though he says some things as if he is a skipping CD... "help me momma", "watch me momma", "snack please", "where's daddy, momma?"... and so on--

...more often than not, he is an endless dictionary!  He knows what he wants and asks for it by name!  (things that I didn't even know he knew)

Tonight, while watching me wash my hair, he started dancing and singing, "wash you hair momma, wash you hair momma"...  He also sneezed and said, "goodness sake".  It seems like such little things, but I think it is amazing that a child who has been on this earth for less than 2 years can use such wording correctly, put it together, and conversate with people decades his elder.

And use manners... please-- thank you-- excuse me-- sorry.  That's amazing to me!

He handed me a foam B, F, and a C.  3 letters I didn't realize that he recognized but spit them out by name as if he has known them forever.  (I need to count how many letters he knows now.) 

He tells people his name is Mamax and that he is 2.  (close on both)

I know this comes up randomly, and probably sounds a little boastful for me to gush but I am with him every day and sometimes I don't stop to take in the entire moment.  I expect more, more, more from him. 

I know it may seem small, but my baby is getting so big.  It amazes me how fast he is growing up before my eyes!

I think he's brilliant!


  1. he is brilliant! He has a wonderful momma and daddy that love him endlessly and have already taught him how to be polite :) I can't wait to see him in July!

  2. You forgot the wonderful manner of "moobe"(move)!! goodness i miss him:)