Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday bashin'... at Dollar tree?!

Well, it is semi-official... We are going to have Maddox's birthday on July 3rd at our house.
I know we are shooting ourselves in the foot choosing a holiday weekend... I will probably end up with more cake and food than I need because most people will be out of town... but that's the risk with all July birthdays.  It's a vacation month!

I think I am just going to roll with the theme of the weekend and do a red, white, and blue/ stars and stripes type of a party.  I have some ideas floating inside my head andI think it will actually be really cute! I can't wait to put it together.  

With that said, have to share some killer deals that I found at the Dollar Tree.  (all $1 of course.)  I was really excited and it got my wheels turning for cute decorating I am going to do.  I want to go back and get about 10 flags to stake in the flower beds and where ever... Sparklers ties together with red, white, and blue ribbon- suck in the bucket... patriotic hats instead of birthday hats... I promise it will be adorable!

I got home and had to start googling ideas for invitations.  It is going to be hard to top last year's invite, but I think the one I am making is going to be SUPER CUTE!! I found a Christmas card that I am going to change into a July 4th card.  I will try and get to Hobby Lobby this week and get a sample made so I can perfect it before I actually have to mail them!

I know it is hard to tell where I am going with this (and it is not the greatest pic, since I took a picture if my computer screen with my phone) but I am going to make the front of the card a firecracker, and that thing to the right is going to be my "explosion"... It's all in my head- but I think it will work out!

But back to Dollar Tree:  I felt like I hit a gold mine.  Not only did I get some great things for the butter biscuit's party but I got him a few things for fun too.  I got 2 sets of Mickey Mouse Club flash cards, a coloring book and crayons (both MMC) for a buck a piece!  What a steal! I will go back!  I love bargains!
...And Maddox loves to color, so everyone wins!


  1. ok- first of all.... I AM GOING TO DOLLAR TREE! I want to get that Mickey Mouse stuff :) Second- I really wish we could make it to the party! At first, I was thinking- oh we'll just come in that day for it! BUT I remembered the 3rd is on Saturday and we'll be with Kent's family that day. Anyways..... I can't wait to see all the decorations.... I know you'll blow us away with all your creative ideas.... which, by the way, I envy! ;-) Now go to Hobby Lobby and get one of those invites made up and post a picture!

  2. LOL!! Thanks Kristen! I can not wait to see you guys when you come in either!!!