Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday High Five

1:  My sister had her award ceremony and senior slide show today.  She graduates from high school in 7 days.  I will be a basket-case come next Friday.  Mark my word!  
She won an Ag award and the slide show was excellent.  
....Well the part I saw was great!

2: Maddox is flipping out.  [as the video shows]
This is one of his favorite things to do!

3: ....and as my entire ex- high school saw during the slide show, he was mentally "flipping out" as well.  I have said daily for the past month that I love, love, love this stage.  He is so good... and smart... and well mannered... and happy... and EASY... and eager to learn... and loving... and fun... Every day has been a good day for such a long time.
Until today.
I had to leave 2 separate stores for WWIII break downs.  Discipline reached a new level today with no reward.  [you are thankful that there is not a video of that]

4. We are spending next weekend [Memorial Day] at the lake, relaxing.
Well, kind of...
I am working one day (cant pass up that triple time), Lance is working some, and I have a wedding to go to one day... so all in all, we will be at the lake, home, work and wedding-watching...
so really a lot of relaxing won't be going on.

5. I went to dinner with a few of my high school friends last night.  I anticipated eating, chatting, laughing, old stories, and new stories as well ....and I wasn't let down a bit!  We had such a great time and promised to try and get together once a month.  GNOs do our ab muscles good, not that anyone needs the workout...  Everyone's still cute as can be, sweet, funny, and I still love those girls to my core!
It is fun to see where all of us sit, now, 8 years past graduation, in our adult journey of life.

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