Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday High Five

I am going to try and do this every Friday.

one: Lance passed his TCLEOSE state boards today.  AND he was top of his class of 25.  He was given a special pin that he has to wear on his uniform so that from here- until forever, he is acknowledged for it.  Way to go babe!!  We are so proud!

two: I have a new hobby of clicking the "next" tab at the top left of my blog and looking at other random  blogs.  90% of the time it doesn't interest me but occasionally I run across one that I really like and I get fun ideas.  (IE: Friday High Five). But the down side is sometimes I get in a grouping of the same subjects... yesterday it was all blogs about art and a few days ago it was all sites done by moms about their deceased children.  *although sad, it freaked me out.  I wish I could get into a grouping of crafty/ creative moms who enjoy photography.

three: I have said it before at other stages, but I think this is my favorite stage!  Maddox talks so well.  It amazes me that we can can have full conversations together.  Through broken sentences, we just talk.  A lot.  I woke up today coughing thick phlem, for the 6th day in a row.  Maddox looked at me in disgust and said, "gross momma!"  (what is probably what you were thinking as you were reading it)  He is funny and honest!  He also will yell out, "lud you momma" from the midst of playing.  He is a sweet boy.  And smart as can be!  ...and just to be clear; I lud him too!  :)

four: Why is it that when I tell myself that I need to eat better, I can not help but eat horribly.?  Last week I made brownies, and I am making cake balls tonight.  Just typing that makes my mouth water!  Cake balls are a treat that never get old, are always a hit to take, are simple to make, and are SUPER YUM.  They are a little time consuming, but worth it!!  I am stoked to sit and eat about 40 by myself.  Be jealous.  (and I'll be jealous of your bikini body next month!)

five: I hate when people cuss on Facebook.  I say bad words too sometimes, even write mild ones in my blogs occasionally, so I really shouldn't judge, but they just seem so much more vulgar to read on FB.  I just read a post that had 3 separate raunchy words in it.  (Actually, this person cussed someone passive aggressively in CAPS and talked about church all in the same post the other day...  I kid you not!)  I wanted to respond:  buy a dress... paint your toenails... and watch your mouth!  I think it is one thing to talk that way with your friends, but when you have hundreds reading it, from all walks of life, I think its classless.  Just my opinion.


  1. Great idea! I like the High Five Friday :)

    One- CONGRATS LANCE! That's a great accomplishment! I'm so glad he's getting to fulfill his dream :)

    Two- I need to try this.....

    Three- I wish I could be in Texas to hang out with everyone! I know Kensley would have a blast with all the kiddos. She's starting to get more clear with her words...... and I can't wait for the day to come when she says "I lud you" :)

    Four- Amen!!! I've started working out- so my exude for eating HORRIBLY is that I'm working out now (I've worked out TWO days so far haha)... and I nurse! ;-)

    Five- Agreed. :)

  2. I would love for you to do Friday High Fives... I love reading blogs!!!