Thursday, June 9, 2011

My boys and their first Texas Ranger game

A friend of ours works for a company that has an office at the Ballpark in Arlington.
From his office window, he is able to look over the field everyday.
Another perk of his job, is that he and his fiance can go to every game from the convenience of the air conditioned office, or enjoy the elbow room of the balcony.
No ticket required.
They are huge baseball fans, so I can only assume the office location was selling point to take this job!

They invited us to come out this Wednesday to watch the Rangers vs Detroit.

I was apprehensive, taking both boys...
but we decided to go..
And had an awesome time!

Thanks Donnie and Kristi!

[And thank you to my husband for telling me to order my Baby k'tan carrier and quit talking about how much I wanted it!!
It sure was handy!
My little sugar glider is as happy as can be, tucked in tight!]

I took a couple of pics at the house before we left, but per my husband's request, I left the Canon at home...
Pardon the clarity of the iPhone...
And thank you Kristi for sending me a few from your camera!!

In the 7th inning, we went down to buy the boys t-shirts.
While Lance was paying, I took Maddox to hit a few balls.
We waited in line just to realize you had to have "tokens" to play...
EEEEKKK!!  Sorry, buddy!
Thankfully, a sweet man with his baby boy gave us one of their tokens...
I thought it was really nice!
And Maddox knocked them out of the park! ;)

Lance and I enjoyed our night...
But it didn't compare to the fun Maddox had.
He now think he plays for the Texas Rangers,
and says over and over that he is their best player.
(gotta' love that confidence!)

Today, Maddox wanted to wear his new TX Ranger's t-shirt...
(and take a bag of crap everywhere in his "TX Ranger's bag")  :)

I thought I would make Beckham match him...
[Because I'm a dork like that]

Maybe in another month or two--  : /
Beckham looked pitifully drenched in his outfit!

So instead he wore this
(one of my favorite outfits of Maddox's from one of my best friends, Kimberly)
Every hand-me-down, sparks a memory...

I remember this day so vividly,
because it was my mamaw's birthday...

And it was the first time Maddox laughed!!

Good night blogger world...
Tomorrow is 10 on 10 (thanks for the reminder Kerri)

And I must remember to blog about my trip to walmart today.


  1. Looks like a great time! The picture of Maddox holding his bag of stuff is so cute! And speaking of cute...YOU in your baseball hat! :)

  2. CUTE pictures! I'd love to take the girls to a baseball game--- but we'd have to be able to sit in the A/C! haha I don't want to deal with them in the heat!

    And yay for the reminder of the 10 on 10. I don't know how to do it but am about to read up and participate today!! woohoo!

  3. I could try the 10 on 10 but its already 8:20am and I sit at a desk all day - I'm sure my pictures would be quite boring to y'all!! I'll try anyway!

  4. Love These pics!!!! ESP the one with Maddox in the rangers shirt and hat!! That's the cutest little face!! And I love seeing the boys in the same outfit!! They look a LOT alike!!!!