Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Pop!

We spent Saturday at my Aunt and Uncle's Lake house [that they recently bought and are renovating], to celebrate Pop's birthday. 

They only go out there on the weekends, but little by little, it becoming something very cool.
My cousin, Amber's little girl [Kyleigh] is almost exactly a year older than Maddox-- 
and together they played well.

Well enough, I guess-- 
until someone needed a nap!
My brother and Randi stopped by after buying him a new jeep [their babies were with Randi's mom] 
and then we all went out for a cruise.

 The lake is super-low (like I went over a 2' spot in the middle of the lake-- panicked-- and refused to drive the boat anymore.)

We tried finding my Nana's old lake house, [where we have a million memories together as kiddos]-- 
but we weren't very successful.

What was successful, was the nap Maddox took on the boat!
[and the 7 consecutive hours of sleep Beckham did that night]

We cruised around until almost 9:00 at night...
Came back to eat a little cake...
 And called it a night!


  1. Fun!!! The pic of beckham in the life jacket is soooo cute!! Maddox is looking more and more big boy : (. Love the pic of you kissing him! I want to join your family and go out on the boat!

    And your boobs are huge. The end.

  2. Fun weekend!!! I love being out on the lake, but sadly I haven't been in a few years! My dad sold all his tows when he started rebuilding a 32 ford, the car IS pretty cool too LOL

  3. What a dream to have a place on the lake! Love the picture of Maddox napping on the boat!! All of your pictures are awesome...the one of Beckham in the life jacket reminds me of Ralphie's brother in the snowsuit on Christmas Carol!

  4. I love all of your pictures. And I love your boobs too. You may be loving mine soon.... and no I'm not pregnant. HAHA How do you do your picture collages like this?

  5. How fun! We almost went to the lake the other day, but our friends wanted to take their boat out around Boyd's nap time, and the hottest part of the day, so we declined. It looks like you guys had a great day. Love Beckham in his life vest!!! :)) You look so cute with the flower in your hair!

  6. Thanks guys... especilly for the booby compliments, I think!! :D

    and Kerri, he does look like him!! LOL

    Libby, once I am done nursing babies-- I will follow you to the knife (I assume that's what you are talking about)
    Oh, and I make the collages with