Saturday, June 25, 2011

I went missing...

from blogger.

Obsessed with Pinterest.

I can't even blog because I am spending any spare time I come across, digging into this site....

If you haven't checked it out yet, do.
You will not be let down.

I told Lance that I think I started a movement with my friends!
I know so many people have joined due to my non-stop gushing.
Even people who claim to hate me are following the movement...  ;)
This is like Woodstock!

If you are finding yourself cleaning in ninja mode, letting a few loads of laundry go, and allowing one more cartoon on Nick Jr just to see what else you can pin before you shut things down,
know you aren't alone.
The site is like crack.

It's part of the movement!  ;)

Now if only I could get back into my home...
and find the time, material, money and talent to put together all of these AMAZING ideas!

Dear Nana... 
(the craftiest person I know)
I need your help!

that's about all I have to say--
but I can share some pictures from the week!
...and a few Maddox-isms.
Last night, in the car, Maddox had used a few words like: interesting, incredible, unbelievable, and ridiculous... (all part of his every-day vocabulary these days) and Lance said, "Maddox, are you the smartest 2 year old alive?"... In which he matter-of-factly responded, "Well Dad, I'll be 3 in Julwy."
He has told me this past week that I "make his heart come true".
That he is "going to make me a princess and buy me a palace."
He asked me to get him a Popsicle and was certain I wouldn't have any problems with the task, since I am "strong and brave."
He asked my mom if he "broke her heart yesterday?"
He keeps us rolling!
He has found a love for "purple mush" from Sonic.[grape slush]
He said if we were a family of animals, Lance would be a crocodile, Beckham a mouse, and me... an elephant.  Yep.  An elephant.
He told Lance to "drop it" when he was harping on him to put the seat down when he pottied.
And has found himself in time-out a few times for his new use of the word "no" and "because I don't want to."
He loves to tell us about his dreams in the morning... which are usually about his Gigi and I have a sneaky suspicion they are usually just a way of telling us what he wants to do for the day!
I do know he was dreaming the other night about "planets" and the "solar system"... because he talks in his sleep a lot... and I heard a lot about those two.
His daddy talks in his sleep too.  
[This past week he was yelping out in pain, cussing and saying he was being stabbed by a wal-mart grocery cart]
And so does his Gigi.
[her's would need their own post all-together!]

Beckham on the other hand is just doing what he does best:
grinning, eating, pooping, and not-sleeping.
He's sure cute, and loooooooves his mommy.

I love them both so.


  1. I can't imagine anyone hating you...that's all I thought about reading your entire blog! I hope that was a joke, because you seem way too sweet.

    Yes, I too spend all of my free time on Pinterest, which you probably already know from all of my pins {and this weekend I have a ton because Chris is keeping up with Macie}. IDEAS...running through the mind. It was by chance that I slipped over here to blogger and saw your post {I need to do a new post as well}!

    Chris talks in his sleep and does some pretty wacky things too - and I'm pretty sure Macie got that from him and has just started talking while sleeping....creeps me out a little. You're little guys sure are cuties and you have some wonderful pictures of those two!


    I'm addicted too!

    Cute photos! I love all of the smiles. :)

  3. I am scared to go to this place you call pinterest. I'll let you know if I get enough courage. I have enough O-C behaviors that I am not sure Hubby would let me have another. You are looking fabulous in the pics and your blog makes me smile, as always.