Saturday, June 4, 2011

6 weeks

I saw this outfit in the drawer this morning when I was dressing Beckham.

I remembered that Maddox wore it to the hospital when my nephew, Gunner was born.
Maddox and Gunny are 3 days shy of being 6weeks apart

Beckham turned 6weeks yesterday, so I thought we would try it on.

(This is the same outfit... its just the difference in my old point-and-shoot vs the Canon)

Yes, they look different... but they have a lot of similarities also!
They only look this similar when they are sleeping...
since their eye shape is completely different.

It is fun to guess who Beckham will look like.
However I feel like Maddox has changed so much along the way.

After my 6 week post partum check up with Dr Deem on Thursday, I ran Beckham by the office for a weight check...
No one needs to tell me how small he is anymore...
my 7lb14oz chunk of love is now a whopping 10lb1oz!!

He is smiling and cooing more,
and he is so strong.
He has rolled over 3 times (crazy, I know)
But still not sleeping any better.

After the doctor's appointment, we had lunch at Chili's with Amanda and her babies,
and went to the mall to let them burn off energy.

There was a definite blog to be written after this day--
about an ornery boy--
who removed his shorts in the mall play area--
and ended his night with a spray bottle-to-tv travesty...

...About the emotions I felt hearing him cry out to me from his bed--
and the internal struggle I had to ignore him.

I blogged it in my head...
How I would paint out the details and bring humor to it, as I always try to do.
But I am deciding against it.

Maddox is at a testing age...
and his world changed so much recently.
He gives me trying days...
But all-in-all, he is a good boy.
Smart, funny, loving, compassionate, friendly and well mannered.

Since I don't blog about all the days that he is just what I expect him to be...
it really isn't fair to highlight the days he is everything I don't.
He's just two.

I need to let him be two.
And be grateful for every part of parenting him.
Of parenting them both.

I am going to do my best not to complain as much about the lack of sleep I am getting...
I am going to be grateful for the blessing of a completely healthy babies,
difficult days or not.

A family friend lost their baby this week, 6 months into their pregnancy--
And a co-worker of my husband's lost his 6 year old to a fluke virus.
My heart physically aches for these families...
and it sure puts life into perspective pretty quickly.

I thank God constantly for the blessings he lays upon me.
I need to be thankful for all of it.
Hard parts included.

I am blessed.
Beyond measure.
With sweet, sweet, sweet boys.

We made it 6 weeks.
And this past week I feel like I have found my groove.
Cooking, cleaning, playing, feeding...
getting most of it done.
Most of it.
Until it is time to do it again.

Time to put Maddox to bed...
And say our prayers together.
Nightly, he thanks God for a loooong list of family members and friends...
and also a potato.
Every night,
he says he is thankful for a potato.

Who knows....

I told you he is funny!  :)


  1. I love and admire the way you have found blessings in the difficult times. Your guys, all 3 of them, are lucky to have you in their lives.

  2. Oh how that breaks my heart! I just can't imagine. A friend of mine was recently told that her baby boy (she is 28 weeks pregnant) has a heart condition that surgery will not fix, brain damage/underdeveloped, and down syndrome. The pediatric cardiologist told them he would try surgeries, but it would only buy him a little time. After much prayer, they have decided to let God claim their angel whenever he is ready. No surgeries. No interventions at all. I remember how hard all those sleepless nights are, but you are right. We should be grateful for our many blessings.....even the hard ones. Your babies are beautiful. Hoping you get more sleep tonight. Will be praying for those two families.

    And thank you for your sweet comment! It made my day!

  3. I think Maddox and Beckham look a lot alike at 6 weeks!

    Two is a hard age even when you don't have a new sibling, I'm sure! I remember when it hit us that we could not take our son out to a restaurant...other than McDonald's. I would always be so nervous that we would ruin someone's meal b/c our 2 yr old was being 2!

    So sorry to hear about the terrible losses for those two families.

  4. praying for your situation to get better and praying for your friends. That is heartbreaking!!!

    Maddox is the cutest 2 year old and 5 years from now you'll forget the "bad times". I think Beckham and Maddox look a lot a like! I wish I had a girl to wear Cori's old clothes, but Levi's closet is filling up nicely and I'm excited for the little plaid shorts and football shirts!!!