Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can't stop thinking...
[Maybe you prefer to call it obsessing...]

It's just whatever...

Here's what my brain has been up to while the rest of the world sleeps!

*Maddox's birthday is like a minute away.
Typically I have been working on it for months...
Ideas going crazy...

Like the first bash (pre-blogging days):
And the 2nd birthday.

This time, however, I am ridiculously behind.
I've got nothing.
Are you reading this?

It will be fireman.
[mainly because we already have "props"]
It will be on the 9th...
there will be a slide and water...

But I have not ordered/ made invitations...

*I'm spending hours on Etsy.
looking for birthday ideas...
which turns into kid stuff..
then house ideas...
Like this sign I need for the play room.
from TheWheatField

I have decided we are going to put the boys together and use the old office as a playroom once we get back in our home.
Originally I wanted to put the boys in the bigger room and use Maddox's old room as the playroom, but Lance talked me out of it.

Beckham will just use Maddox's old crib bedding (since it matches the walls) and I on-purposely bought Maddox's twin bedding to match also, so he could use his throw pillows that came with his bedding.
This means I don't get to do my serene baby room with the scripture on the wall...
But I get to decorate nonetheless.

So now I find myself on blogs finding cool playroom ideas [that we could never do] like this.
Researching paint schemes.
Organizing bins.
And roaming Ikea for ideas and storage on a dime.
Oh my gosh there's so much cuteness out there!

Thinking about all the things I am going to change when I get back to Haslet has got me giddy.
I dream of the flips I can make-- old into new, like this guy. 
[But realizing that's completely unrealistic.]

To fill my walls.
[and actually of my kids this time, rather than only my precious nieces and nephews]

Dreaming about a completely different feel.
Which isn't anything new!
Since Lance has seen me do this several times before!
 [I could never get a tattoo, because I change my bedspread too often to be stuck with something for life]

*Spray paint.
And the things I want to attack.
Picture frames...
Table and chairs...
What else???

New love.
Petri dish of ideas.

Thank me [or hate me] later...

*And follow her.
Whom I found on the site above.
I will do some of this once we get back home.
I will also re-order from Town & Country, because I forget how easy it is to make dinner, when I am prepared to do so. 
No excuses.
I need that cookbook she talks about in her blog.
In a bad way.

*Ray Lamontagne
ummm, ummm, um.

Thank you Kaleb.

*My hair.
Long, short.
Dark or blonde?
Lance said he likes it dark--
My SIL likes it short...
I promised myself I would keep it long...
I want change.
I could do the whole feather thing... which I do think its cute-cute.
But it looks like a peacock exploded in our local walmart,
And I like to beat to my own drum.

*Time alone.
In quiet.
Maybe a date with my husband.

Or maybe with no one at all.
I crave silence.

And to finish (or better yet, start) my books.

and so the list goes on....


  1. P.S. If any of yall are thinking about ordering from Town & Country, please let put me down as a reference-- we get a discount on our order for any referrals! :)

  2. Not sure what town and country is?

    Anyway, your post is so fun! It made me think of the book...if you give a mouse a cookie! Kind of like your brain is just thinking of all sorts of things. And now my brain has all kinds of comments!
    ~ the 1st b-day party you did for Maddox is adorable- you are so creative!!
    ~I could never get a tattoo either b/c I change my mind a lot!
    ~You not in your home right now?
    ~Maddox's room is so cute!!
    ~The lady that made 46 meals in one day all for about $2 a meal- WOW! Now I am wanting to talk to the butcher at my store to find out when the markdowns are!
    ~I do the same thing w/ my hair...light or dark? Short or long? I'm never happy with mine. I think you look great with both colors...maybe I like brown a tad more.

    Ok, that's it!
    Have a great day!

  3. what a great post! I've added a few things to my blog list and new pages to my "favorites"! haha That's one of the MAIN things I"m excited about in our next house--- the play room. And I LOVE the reading area idea in the one you linked. I've got it saved for future reference.

    Pinterest- a lot of the ladies that are on my photography forum have this- I've yet to go look at it.... but I think I'll have to go now! YOu've talked me into it!

    I love how life is working out for y'all!

  4. I thought I was scatter brained. You make me feel normal, so thank you!!!! =)

    I'm sure any birthday party you throw will be amazing!!! The first two have been super adorable!

    I love redecorating, you saw my post when I redid the bathrooms in my house! It's so much fun! The people in your house haven't re-painted over the walls at all? I LOVE Maddox's room and can't wait to see it finished with both boys! When are y'all moving back?

    I like your hair short and dark, although, the blond looks good on you too! I have been thinking about cutting my hair short but I decided it's not a decision that I should make while I'm pregnant.

    We had a play room for Cori, when it was just Cori, but our 3 bedroom house just wasn't big enough to keep it. I loved it though. Her bedroom always stayed nice and cute and we would just shut the door to the play room when it was messy. I laid down the foam puzzle floors and it looked so colorful & fun! Our next (bigger) house will have a play/game room for sure!!!

  5. My mind works like yours, I obsess about a lot of things, and should be sleeping instead.

    OMG, you look gorgeous in your wedding photo. You are always pretty, but I just love your bridal shot there!

    I crave silence and alone time too. I need it, or I start to get really crazy.

    It will be so nice for your boys to have a playroom. That was always a dream of mine for Boyd. I'm afraid he'll be grown and out of the house before we would have room for one.....which would then be too late! :))

  6. http://www.etsy.com/listing/58771260/share-your-toys-print-6-in-x-10-in?ref=sr_list_2&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=share+your+toys&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade

    Not sure if that link works or not? I saw this sign a while back and thought it would be so cute for a playroom. Just wanted to show you! :)

  7. Spray paint = my new best friend. It's changed my life...seriously. The best is Rustoleum Painter's Touch (if you didn't know). You need to follow the blog Better After (http://betterafter.blogspot.com/) if you don't already. Old furniture+paint/spray paint=new looking awesome furniture.

    Pinterest = best friend #2. It's so fun.

    Your hair looks great either way. You're lucky you can pull off anything. I'm not brave enough to change, but I want to really bad.

    Good luck with the party, I know how much it stinks stressing over your child's perfect party. I'm sure it will turn out fab.

  8. I found some favors at the Dollar Tree today and I am so pumped about them... each kid gets a fire hydrant sprinkler and a fire helmet!!
    I found little fireman figurines for the cupcakes and the supplies to make thank you matchbooks!!
    $50 spent at Dollar Tree, but a lot accomplished!

    Kerri... Town and Country is organic meat company. The meat is all individually frozen and wrapped. You purchase 8 months at a time (which typically lasts us a year) We did not reorder when we moved out here... since we were only planning on being here 6 months, but I forgot how convenient it was to open my freezer and have an array of dinner choices that all defrost in minutes. And able to choose a little or a lot, depending.

    Kristen-- Pinterest =creativity heaven.
    I bet you can get a few good photography ideas there too!

    Casey-- They extended their lease with us through June, but called a few weeks ago to ask if they could go THROUGH July since it may be the first week of July before their house is ready. And we agreed. Soooo... if they are out, and are okay with us slowly getting back into our house-- we will go back mid-July, but technically it is theirs until August 1st.

    Nicolle-- lance makes fun of me because since we had Beckham, I constantly say the TV is too loud. Most of the time, I don't even turn it on unless he is here. I hate the noise. I have enough loud without its help!
    Thank you for the link... I love it!!! I'll add it to my Etsy wish list!!

    Erin-- Thanks for that blog, its now a new addiction. Thank you!!
    I hope to mater the spray paint when we get back... thank you for the brand!