Sunday, June 19, 2011

getting better

Maddox woke up with a matted right eye Tuesday after his nap.
We had never had conjunctivitis... so this was a first for him.

Otherwise he was well-- so we hoped it would pass.

Tuesday during the night, he wet the bed (something he NEVER does)
and was running 101 fever.

I canceled my lunch date and shopping trip with my friends for Wednesday--
just in case we were contagious.

He never acted sick at all... but the eye goup would come and go;
as would the fever.
Once, when the fever was up, he did tell me his forehead hurt... but that was it.

I worked Thursday night,
and Lance called me to tell me he had another accident during his nap and his fever was up to 103.9.
He complained of his tee-tee hurting and his legs hurting and his throat hurting.
All separately and unrelated to the other symptoms.

I took home a UA strip because even though UTIs are extremely rare in boy-- it can happen.
And these accidents were throwing me for a loop.

Urine looked good (except ketones)
but fever spiked to 105.1 that night.

We made an appointment for Friday morning with Dr Hayward.

Good mommy [nurse] never looked inside his throat...
it was terrible.
(in hindsight he was talking funny, but I thought it was post-nasal drip and part of the matted eye) 

His strep test was negative, so he was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and viral pharyngitis.
Meaning, besides some eye drops-- this will just have to run it course.

Lance and I cancelled our plans for Friday night.
(our first date since Beckham)
And decided it was best to nurse our sick boy back to health.

Maddox got a balloon at lunch and refused to let go of it until he fell asleep and it was cut off of his wrist.
His hand had to be cramping because he wouldn't rely on the knot around his wrist, he held on to that string for over 8 hours for fear it would fly away.

He has not ran a fever since yesterday morning of 102 and I am hoping it stays that way.
He is still talking as if there is cotton in his throat but promises it doesn't hurt.
He will not take Advil without me and my mom sneaking it into his juice...
but he is drinking a lot and staying hydrated. 

Beckham is still happy a a clam and we are praying that his big brother doesn't share his yucky virus with him.
So far so good.

[I am on call for my first time since having Beckham, today...
I have a Father's day post I have been working on and am praying call doesn't beat me down so I can get it finished and posted!]


  1. Oh my goodness, I am sorry he has been so sick. Bless his sweet little heart with that red balloon!!! :)))

  2. Glad he's doing better!!!!!! Sweeet pictures!