Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Greater Tuna and stuff

Saturday, Lance showed up from golf an hour past the time that he promised.
I was super angry but chose to not talk to him about it at all.
He, on the other hand, wanted me to argue with him, I know, so that I would end up blowing my top and we would be equal.
But I left, and ignored his excuse of "circumstances out of his control"  (aka: the 2 old guys in front of them).

Fired up my car, pulled out of the driveway...
Gas light comes on

**Top blown.

He had drove my car to Dallas that morning and was so worried about making his tee time that he left it to me on E...
Which had me in heels, a mile off of the interstate, paying 15 cents too much per gallon for gas, in 100 degree heat--
post leaving my house an hour after I was suppose to.

**Top exploded into smithereens.

So to say that I welcomed my margarita at Gloria's, was an understatement.
I gulped it.

Quickly the table turned into funny stories with 10 women that my Nana invited, and great Mexican food.
 And before too long, I forgot about divorcing my husband and was belly laughing with strangers.

Off to Greater Tuna...
and a vodka cranberry or 3.

We had ridiculously great seats, the show was funny, but mostly I just enjoyed my time away, with girls... and laughing.
It is fair to say that Randi and I were the youngsters in the crowd...
but we didn't care.

And watching my Nana's friend who was like 90 laugh so hard that she was crying, was priceless.

What wasn't priceless?
Having to keep my Nana out past midnight at Yogurt Story because I probably could have stopped at one drink.
**I have had prouder moments.

But I hear Randi lost her lunch later,
So she wins!
** Nor do I assume she was proud.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with a group of grandmas who know how to accessorize!
We were the styling-est crew in the crowd...
or at least with the most bling!

[I hate that I didn't get any pictures of the rest of our group... but here are the ones I did.]

Sunday we had our last 2 softball games for this season.
I have learned to hit the ball...
and even caught a pop fly or 2...
but still hold the position of the crappiest player on our team.
We lost both games on Sunday.
Neither by much.

Tonight Maddox has his first soccer practice.
Lance is so nervous about coaching, it has gotten kind of funny.
Last night, we took the boys to one of the fields in our neighborhood to practice and I can tell that the real practice tonight is going to be fun to watch!

 Just like a circus is.

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