Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day staycation

We had big plans for camping...
but Maddox started running a fever, and telling us his forehead hurt and we decided to throw a curve ball, and have a stay-cation at my parents, instead.

Saturday night, my brother's kids came over to spend the night too.
Our kids play so well together, and I can listen to them play for hours.
Funny things!

Maddox and Gunner are two peas in a pod, while Ellie is the little momma to Beckham.
It may be braggy to say it...
but we have some pretty good chicklins.
They are kind and smart...
and yeah, "they is important".  ;)

And together, they play until they have dirt in their ears and not another ounce of energy to give.

I love those babies.

Now one thing that I can say about those sweet Eyster babies, they don't sleep worth a shit.

Down at almost midnight, up by 7:30.
By 8:00, we were on the back porch, going at it again.

The boys boys instantly went to climbing and getting dirty...
And mom had Ellie's twirling dress washed and folded, so she could get back to spinning early.

My SIL picked up the kids by 11:00, I think...
We layed around a bit and then had an early dinner at Fuzzy's.
And came home so that the boys could do boy things.

Which was great.
Because mom and I bathed the boys, put them to bed, and did girl things.
So much for calling my brother's kids out though...
because mine were up by 7:30 this morning...
and back to the porch we went!

After breakfast, we had to head home so that Lance could mow, and I could read my chapters and take my quiz and we could get the house back in order, etc.
Oh, and I had a chilly penguin.

I was in the neighborhood.
Unfortunately, I made an 88 on my art quiz, and I really wanted to make an A, so I was kind of bummed.
But I did make a 100 on my Cell and Molecular Biology lab....
So go figure.

My mom gave me some words of encouragement, and I am just going to move forward.
Next week I have a test in my biology class, and I am just going to pray for a D on that one.
(my sister assures me it is passing!)
And since I feel like I am reading another language with every chapter...
And my labs have taken me anywhere from 11 hours to 3 days at this point,
I will be thrilled with a 60! 

Tomorrow is soccer practice, again.
Wednesday is meet the teacher...
Saturday is our first game...
And Monday I trust my kid with a stranger for the first time in his 49 months of life.

But we are ready!
And excited!


  1. I love reading your blogs!

    That stay-cation sounds like it was just a relaxing time - a breath of fresh country air.

    You caught some priceless pictures. Precious kiddos, for sure. {love the 1984 TV!}

    As far as school goes --> I always expect the worst, but aim high. That way, I never get disappointed. I like to be pleasantly surprised. :)

    I hope all goes well with Maddox's MDO! It will be great - just preparing you for the unmentionable {kinder-who? what?}. Good luck, girlfriend!

    1. My mom
      Is redoing a vintage trailer and the tv came in it. She was embarrassed that I took a picture of it!! Speaking of embarrassed.... Lance had to borrow my dad's tall socks, and he was mad that I posted a picture of him in them!!

  2. Sounds like my kind of weekend!! Once again I love all of your pictures.

  3. Seriously. Adopt me. I'll help with the homework. Your stay-cation sounds divine. Other than the kids not sleeping for sh*t. I need sleep! Get Marwitz and let's plan a Fuzzy night. :)

  4. Your parents have such a gorgeous place! What a little slice of heaven. I love staycations! :)

    I am laughing because I thought to myself when I saw these pictures, it wouldn't be Texas without guns, and Fuzzy's Tacos! LOVE the similarities that we have.

    I'm glad you had a good time, even though this was not what you originally had planned.

    Best of luck today with meet the teacher. You will have some tears, but it's such a sweet milestone for all of you. HUGS.


  5. i LOVE your moms house! such great pics of the kids but my fave is the one with the three of them in the woods, oh and the bath tub pic too. who can pass up a good bath tub pic! congrats on your quiz, thats awesome! good luck on monday,i attempted to try going to MOPS today. as you can imagine it was gut wrenching and i didnt sleep the night before. i told myself i had to just give it a try.. maybe for myself...or maybe just to shut a few family members up about wyatt needing to socialize with kids his age! hahaha j/k.. not really. anyways it went like i knew it would, tears from me and i hadnt even handed him over yet. a women actually asked me, oh is your baby having a rough morning? anyways 30 min into it and they paged me that he was upset. so we left... i thought to myself how i didnt need to prove myself to anyone. after all i did get in the car and drive there and that was enough of a good try in my book! enough about me and tons of good luck being sent your way. ~leslee